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It is no secret that Jim and I had a wonderful nearly 8 years of travel together. We have shared memories that I will always treasure. And though we’ve gone our separate ways, we remain good friends. He stops at my place on his way north in the summer and on his way south for winter weather. Typical full-timer. I usually get a picture of him in the motor home driving away. I decided I wanted a picture of him with his new haircut and new bod-he has lost 40 pounds, probably  more by now.

Lifestyles change and on my trip to Oregon, I picked up a new boyfriend and here is his picture:

He is handsomer than Jim. He has a lisp. His name is Humphrey. He doesn’t talk much, you have to turn on the television to hear him. He is very low maintenance. But hey, I thought it was a fun Idea to have a Humphrey Bogart to say hello to everyday.

A friend sent me an email with Boyfriend 101. I couldn’t find it this morning to add to the laughs, so this is a short hello-good-bye, because I’m feeling silly.



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I’ll have to admit I’ve become fascinated by aspects of the old photos I’m working with. It should come as no surprise because out on the road I’ve looked at other peoples old photos in museums or old houses and they have this compelling attraction. What really affects me is seeing  unknown faces sweetly sad or sincere staring at me in a second hand store-discarded.

Seeing them gives you a small glimmer into what life was like. Wearing dresses buttoned up high on the neck would drive me nuts. Tight, scratchy and less comfortable materials than we are used to, besides. And the hat. I once tried to copy my aunt’s hat in paper for a fourth grade project. I think I still have a picture of it and now I’m bent on finding it and seeing how well I did.

Somehow, I didn’t see this picture of my mother and a boyfriend of hers until she was 79 years old. It was given to her by a friend who didn’t want to throw it away. It brought gales of laughter to both of us. My dignified mother in this funny pose. I never thought of my mom acting like a typical young girl. Older photos tend to be so serious.

Everyone called me a “Tomboy” when I was growing up.  Now I see where I got it from. I loved climbing trees, but in a skirt and hat? Not on your life!  What a hoot to see Aunt Alice up a tree. Now, I’m thinking, I should resort to having my picture taken doing something silly so my great grandchildren can laugh at me.

Here is my uncle Myron in a “formal” photograph. Boys then were dressed in dresses until they no longer needed diapers. He was very special to my grandmother because he was her first son. My grandmother lost six children that were still born before his birth. That figure alone boggles my mind.

And, look at that fancy chair! The fancy chairs and props the studios used in those days for photos also fascinates me. Some of you know I take pictures of chairs where ever I go. 

Then Jim reminded me I already have some pretty silly photos. This one, an imitation of Minny Pearl while we were shopping for a hat for him.

And, here I am up a tree picking apples last year. But somehow, I don’t think I look silly. Aunt Alice probably didn’t think she looked sillY either. Time will tell.
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