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From my computer I got this story of a man ahead of his time.

5193203331_1f0824ef87_b (Copy)

Freddy Heineken, like Henry J Kaiser,  was  ahead of his time. (Remember the Henry J?) He decided to make a bottle for his beer that could be recycled into a brick. Notice the neck fits into a dimple in the bottom of the bottle, a perfect fit like a brick.

aiu_wobo_heini (Copy)

There were buildings made with Heineken beer bottles, but not the wave that Freddy envisioned.

aiu_wobo2-600 (Copy)

Freddy thought a square bottle would be more desirable and easier to build with.


He also designed a cube, to help the building process by smoothing corners and giving some variance to length. But, in the end, people just didn’t like square bottles. A round bottle fits the hand better. And, that is the end of the story. Don’t I wish I had a couple of those bottles for my decorative bottle fence?

Henry J’s failed to attract buyers and were sold off quickly. My father bought a second-hand one and we were teased by neighbor kids about our weird car, most likely imitating their parents talk at the dinner table.

Recycling has reached new heights and if Freddy is still around, I hope he knows he was a man ahead of his time.

!cid_image010_jpg@01CE5132 (Copy)

I received an email about creative recycling and I could really put this to work in my yard.

!cid_image016_jpg@01CE5132 (Copy)

I wouldn’t mind an herb garden reachable from my kitchen window.

!cid_image003_jpg@01CE5132 (Copy)

I’ve used plastic bottles for a number of projects, but these are better ideas than mine.

!cid_image001_jpg@01CE5132 (Copy)

This is a great way to use an old shoe,  but I would worry about a predator bird getting to these vulnerable babies where I live.

!cid_image017_jpg@01CE5132 (Copy)

I’d prefer to use old shoes for plants. I have several candidates in my garage.

!cid_image018_jpg@01CE5132 (Copy)

With a long, squirrel proof wire, this would work very well, if hung far enough from the ground with no access from a table or other device.  I got my first crop of crab grass from the scattered seed on the ground. Now you can buy bird seed without noxious weed seed.

After yesterdays pouring rain and chill, we are expecting 86 degree weather today. We are in Allentown, PA. where Jim once lived many years ago. We’ll go to a huge fine arts  museum so I can get my art fix.

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Standford University just completed a study about the way men and women relate to friends. I was pleased to find out that I fit healthfully into the study, because I treasure my girl friends and always take time out  to play catch-up with my friends when I’m home.  Lizz and Sharon popped over for an afternoon with a couple bottles of wine. A former neighbor, Lizz lives in Sacramento now and I hadn’t seen her in five years.

Of course we celebrated, and nibbled but what we do mostly  is gab, gab, gab.  Guys don’t do it like we do.

Then I found out they had pulled into my driveway and failed to notice my new bottle fence. So, out we went to see it.

We decided, maybe we needed more than snacks, and hopped over to Pizza Plus and enjoyed their chicken pesto pizza.

Back to my place for more gabbing. I’m really into health, doncha know. Sharon is a beader and I blogged a magnificent piece she did last year and this morning, coincidentally, I heard from Sig, the woman who had designed the piece she made, which is exquisite.  You can see it at the following link:   Sig said it took her 80 hours to design it. Amazing!

So, we returned to the bottle fence, and Lizz  pointed out I have a lot of liquor bottles on the fence. Wine bottles, too.  So, now we have a couple more bottles to add to the fence. Hey, it works for me.  Maybe Sharon should bead wine bottle covers.

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