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My neighbor, Jan,  is known for popping in for five minutes, always with some  ulterior m0tive.  She decided I was lacking “bling”. You can see the  bling on  my shoulder.

I had hired a homeless guy, looking for work,  to do some chores around the place. He told me he had worked as a roofer, had some carpentry skills, knew how to use a chain saw, etc.  I have a storage shed with warped doors and I asked him if he could fix them. He did and I gave him some paint to paint the shed. Unfortunately, he painted the doors shut. So, I asked my friends to help me get the doors open.    Jan is one of those people who likes to have  fun with anything she does, and she likes ceremonies. She grabbed a pot to beat on, and Karen, my housemate,  is half Cherokee and did a ceremonial dance.

While they did their work,  I used a hacksaw blade to cut through the thin coating between the two doors.

It wasn’t budging. My crowbar and nail puller both disappeared but I had a long,  strong mechanic’s screwdriver. It took some doing to pry the doors open without wrecking them.

That’s when we discovered he had nailed the doors shut. I guess he figured he wasn’t coming back anyway. Gotta take laughter where you find it.  And, what the hey, the guy needed the money.

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Its fun taking time to explore a Las Vegas that many people don’t see. But, the Fremont St. light show is seen by millions of people a year. If you want some bling in your life, this is the place to be. Earlier, we visited Fremont St. during the day and checked out the neon signs. Last night we did the same at night. And, we enjoyed the biggest projection screen in the world flashing five million LED bulbs per block for a six minute light show. They are shown on the hour from six p.m. to midnight. Each show is different. Have a look. (Hoping this video link works. If not the youtube link below it will.)

And at night, not only the flash and dazzle of the lights, but the dancing girls are out.

On top of a bar.

And on a stage.

Here are a couple of images from the light show.

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