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I’ve spent the last couple days catching up on some badly needed cleaning, like window washing and yard work. But, family and friends keep reminding me its my birthday. E-cards, Facebook greetings, a delightful rap from grandsons, Owen and Theo, with about 70 ways to say and spell and write 70;  A call from the youngest grandson, Austin before he headed off to school; a hep best wishes from one headed off to college, hey! There are benefits to being an old bag. My computer got robbed of its mechanics yesterday and I’m really happy that its fixed and that I can get on it and make it work. Definitely makes for a happy birthday. But, I’ve had a happy year and thought I’d look back at some of the favorite places I’ve been this past year. I left home in January, 2010.

I met long time friend Sandee Voges at Biosphere in Tuscon, Arizona in January. A very unusual and fascinating place to visit.
Chiracahua National Monument was one of my favorite places in Arizona as well.

Jim Jones In Luckenbach, Texas sang a song about his lost love by the name of Mary. He dedicated it to me when he found out my name. An unusual, off the beaten path kind of place. Homey and wonderful, also unforgettable.

One of the worlds most fun places, Fred’s Bar in Mamou, Louisiana. Jim and I shared a dish of gumbo made by a couple of volunteers out behind the bar.

Mardi Gras was an unforgettable, exciting experience. I still have the beads collected there as part of the curtains on the motor home.

The cold, cold boat ride to Pilot Town. That place, destroyed by Katrina, still haunts me, especially now with the spill in the gulf.
I began to sift through pictures and so many memories of the good times came flooding in and I realized I couldn’t continue because there were so many wonderful places and experiences, I just can’t put them in one blog. I never expected to be a gypsy in my golden years, but I highly recommend it.

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