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My bike hangs off the back of the Bronco. Jim’s was attached to the Motorhome ladder. He never felt like hauling his bike down, so I rode alone around the grounds or nearby streets where we camped. But, with two years of little use, and the salt air from the East Coast, my bike was deteriorating very quickly. He removed his in Connecticut and gave it to his son. I removed mine yesterday.DSC01732 (Copy)

We took it in to a bike shop in Angels Camp for a tune-up. It needed new derailleurs, grips,peddles and brake pads. Because I have had one bike stolen off the back of the Bronco,  I painted out the Trek brand name, kept a beat up old seat on it and used two locks with a stronger cable. Pain in the butt every time you want to ride.

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I was surprised and pleased at this small town bike shop. The owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. He doesn’t overcharge. In fact, he recommended against needless cosmetic touch-ups, and suggested just taking care of the riding elements. Nice guy.

I’m anxious to try it out since I can now walk a brisk mile, maybe I can ride without a problem. At home. Biking while on the road is a thing of the past. We tried several covers to protect the bike, none worked without obscuring the drivers vision. So….we’ll see. I’m remembering how much fun it was to ride the canals in Yuma, and…well, it is an option.




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