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There was a time when  the Motherlode made national or statewide news only when something sensational happened, such as the Valley Springs rancher who  got arrested for drunk driving on his horse;  or the time a guy swallowed his bar mate’s gold nugget at the Murphys Hotel Bar.

Shoot, things have changed. Yesterday, the Capitol Christmas tree started its trip to the White House.  And, Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen unveiled a sign surrounded by about one-hundred  bikers that the Amgen Tour of California, a major biking event, is scheduled to have its fourth leg start in Sonora.  Mayor Canning, with city and county leaders, planned  to bring the tour to Sonora  for several months. They just learned they’ve been accepted this week.

The fourth leg will begin in Sonora and end in the City of Clovis in Fresno County.  The start for Sonora is expected to be mid-May.  Not only bikers, and their entourage, but friends follow this event all over the state.  A local member of the Gold Chain Cycling Club, David Bowman, expressed his opinion that cycling is a way of life, not just a sport. The ride will begin in Santa Rosa, followed by a ride across the famous Golden Gate Bridge, through San Francisco and on to Santa Cruz.  Third stage will begin in San Jose and end in Livermore.  It is a competition. The time trial will be held in Bakersfield, then on to Palmdale,  Big Bear Lake, Ontario and Mt. Baldy.  The race will finish in Los Angeles on May 20th.

I’d love to follow that event. What fun. It would even be better if I could bike it, but that is not in the cards. Not only would I not be capable, but it  is an elite competition regarded as a testing ground for top-tier riders who plan to compete in the Tour de France in June.  Wow!
I wonder how an extreme biker would do in an event like this?  Fascinating to watch You have to watch a 30 second ad to see this amazing video.  check it out on the following link:

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