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Yesterday, in opposition to Jim’s advice, I decided to brave the heat and humidity and take the “sculpture walk” yesterday afternoon.  I mentioned the Ivoryton Theater as a community treasure, and it is. Ivoryton also has Bennies, a wonderful Organic Market; bike trails, nice restaurants, good schools, beauty, history and a great arts community-the quality of life amenities we think about when we choose were to live.
The bike trail follows the main route through town where we’ve been admiring the roadside sculpture collection as we drive by. I decided to park the Bronco and walk it rather than bike since the heat was so oppressive.

This piece is made from welded reinforcing rods and stands about three feet tall. It casts fascinating shadows, depending on the time of day.

A carved stone with a cat theme sits atop a pedestal I liked very much.  I could have gotten the program for this project from the Cultural Arts Center, but, just hadn’t gotten around to it when I decided to take my walk. There are about 30 numbered pieces in the collection and I know nothing about the artists.

This triple headed bronze stands about five feet tall. I enjoyed these pieces driving by and one thing I learned is that sculptures need to be sizable to be enjoyed from a distance, and most of this collection qualifies.

My favorite was this metal piece, intriguing because as you pass it, you can never quite decide if it looks more like a fish, or a face?  It changes as you move. Quite the accomplishment for the artist to trick the eye.

I didn’t care much for this piece until I was on foot and took a closer look. It is of stone and may be lovers or perhaps Adam and Eve since it sits in front of a church.  Again, the necessity to see and decipher from the roadway is an essential for this type of art.

I didn’t photograph all of the pieces, some didn’t interest me at all. During my sweaty walk, I appreciated the lovely gardens, restful spots,  and the river that flows through town. I would have liked to photograph some beautiful churches, but it was impossible to get back far enough to take them without intruding on someone’s property.
For about 30 more photos, click the link below and visualize my walk on the bike lane.

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