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IMG_9106 (Copy)

I didn’t do anything yesterday but swim, read, paint and eat. I wanted to go to a polo game in Indio, but Jim wasn’t up to driving anywhere so we just stayed home. The above sculpture I thought of naming Back Pain, or  Writers Block, and then decided on Constipated as in our activities were constipated yesterday. (This sculpture is in a Reno arts gallery.)

IMG_9139 (Copy)

This unusual bench came from the same gallery. The first word of the bench spells Inhale.

Bird Waterer

And, again from that gallery, this is a water “dish”. Rain collects in a circular trough near the center and holds water for birds or other small critters. Their “rock” collection is unusual.

Since my bike was stolen, I’ve been think a lot about bikes and this painting is one I liked really well but I’ve forgotten where this painting hangs.


I’m a fan of Rene Wiley and she recently did a series of paintings on bikes that I liked so I’ll post a few of them. Her gallery is in Galveston, Texas on Post Office Street.

green-cruiser-by-rene-wiley (Copy)

Her paintings are for sale on-line, as well.  This is Green Cruiser.

colorful-cruiser-by-rene-wiley (Copy)

Colorful Cruiser.

blue-cruiser-with-basket-by-rene-wiley (Copy)

Blue Cruiser.

I think I’ll try to paint bikes, though yesterday I started with palm trees. The only problem is, I have yet to get another brush. Maybe today.

I’m hoping to do the Walking Off Pounds program again today at 9:00. The snacks I ate yesterday should disappear today, right?

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San Angelo, Texas – Day 5

Mary remains at home in California tending to medical issues. She had successful carotid artery surgery on Wednesday, returned home Thursday and is in the process of recuperation.

The motorhome is parked at VFW Post #1815. I expect to depart later this morning.

Concho Street was the first street in San Angelo, Texas. Yesterday I showed some photos of Concho Street. Here are more and some other nearby alleys…

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…

Enjoying old historic places is another joy in the life of a full-time RVer!

If you have not checked out my Ramblin Man’s Photos Blog, you can do so by clicking this link…

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
For more information about my three books, click this link:

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While I wait on medical appointments and continue therapy at home, I’m never idle or bored. I like to have an art fix now and then but instead I’ve been busy with neglected chores around the house. Karen complained that plants were dying because they aren’t getting enough water. Each morning now for several weeks, we have ferreted out the tiny drip heads that get buried under leaves and caught under branches and get plugged and need cleaning or replacing. Karen has been hand watering in the heat.  A contributing culprit was the failure of an electronic clock I paid $40 for, two years ago. It’s a Toro. Don’t buy one. You can no longer buy a reliable mechanical clock. I still have two that work that are over twenty years old. It is maddening. They never completely fail, they just partly fail so you don’t know they aren’t working properly until you have dead plants.  Hopefully, the Rainbird at $65 will last longer than two years. I’ve got several units to  replace between home and the rental.

There is always art to soothe the soul. I pulled this abstract from the garden as I know I’m missing the great art in Taos, deliciously full of art galleries in a town famous for its artists.

If you were unable to tell, the abstract was part of this mottled pear, which tasted just fine for all of its skin problems.

Jim counsels me to “Give it up, let your kids have it and then they can worry about that stuff.”  I understand the philosophy and freedom of owning nothing but the necessities under your feet, but I’m too deeply rooted. And, while he didn’t care much for Taos, I thoroughly enjoyed the art fix I got from his pictures. And, he took care to photograph things he knew I’d like, as in the bench with the  abstract cover, and paintings and old buildings and flowers taken with his watercolor feature on his camera.  I enjoyed the bold quotes of Kit Carson and his house. So, today, back to the garden and a manuscript I’m finally finishing up from August 15th for the archive.

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I’m off track this morning since I have a yard sale at 9:00 a.m. Having had one other yard sale in my life, I had conveniently forgotten how much work they are. The problem is, if I have two of something, it becomes a collection. And then the insanity begins.  To rid myself of my junk is now a ponderous undertaking.  It reminds me not to collect anymore “stuff” in the future, except…

Would you like to see my collection of  bench pictures?

–Mt. Vernon, Thousand Trails, WA.

–Noyo Harbor, Ft. Bragg, CA.

–Ashville, N.C.–State of Louisiana Capitol Building.

-Ashville, North Carolina


-Mystic Seaport Harbor Museum.

Visitors Center Ashville, North Carolina

The Mormon Fort and Museum at Las Vegas, NV


From PAWS sanctuary, San Andreas.

Pictures,  an indelible marker of the fun I had, precious only to me, maybe interesting to others.

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Charles A. Dugan didn’t set out to be a banker. He fell in love with a banker’s daughter, married her and built her dream house for her. She designed it in 1899, it was finished in 1902. Charles stayed in Decatur, Indiana and became the town banker after his father-in-law had long passed.
The Dugan’s had three daughters, one died of TB quite young and the Dugan’s raised their granddaughter in this house as well.

The third daughter never married and lived in the house until her death in 1967. This lovely old place, uniquely and comfortably designed for its time,  was by then,  run down and in rough shape. Covered with vines, badly in need of paint and restoration, the newly organized Adams County Historical Society wanted to buy it, but didn’t have the money. Somehow, they cobbled things together with the will of their supporters and purchased the beautiful old home for $17,000.  Other bidders backed backed off when they knew the historical society was interested, and this wonderful jewel allows us all to step back through time.

Here is not only the history of the Dugan family, but relics from the Civil War, 69 years of local sports memorabilia, artifacts and equipment from two prominent local doctors, maps, journals, old photos, toys, quilts, books, records, trinkets and furnishings.

Mrs. Dugan loved  built in furnishings, such as this  black satin sideboard buffet with a mirror and leaded glass prism doors. She had built in cupboards and pieces all over the house including the benches in the Cozy Room.

Not pictured is a unique “telephone” room (now converted to a downstairs bathroom)  built when telephones were new.  Folks of the day considered telephone communication to be private.

The “built ins” ,benches, fireplaces, open foyer, stained glass windows, lighted newel posts, chandeliers and oak wood beams lend this house such personality. The house has five bedrooms and a  full usable attic. The attic once had a lead cistern that collected rainwater from the roof.

Only one bedroom has furnishings original to the Dugan Family, but all of it is local and much of it appropriately Victorian. The zither above is so unique, no one knows how to tune it. The Adams County Historical District is looking for a professional who may know how to do that.

I loved this old piano and especially the fancy leg. My favorite room, though, was the Cozy Room that the family enjoyed the most as well. For more pictures, click on the link below:

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I’m always fascinated by the common object as seen through the eyes of different designers. I guess that’s what makes art. My collectiholic brain is drawn toward themes. Today, I need time “on the bench” since yesterday was so busy. The one above I found on an old train car at Seaside, Oregon.
These are just two mosaic benches that sit outside the Yuma, AZ Public Library

This smart cat garden bench is from La Connor, WA. along with the two that follow. La Conner could reasonably be called Bench City, since there were so many of them around town.

This heavy wooden wagon wheel bench can be found in Mercer Caverns Store. Its actually comfortable to sit on.

Metal benches can only be located in cool places like this public bench in San Francisco.

The two above are both from Blaine, WA. For a day like today, (summer in fall) The ivy bench beckons.

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