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Hey, this guy is terrific and I’m a pathetic latecomer to realize quite how terrific he is. (That is Andrea Bocelli  with Kathryn Jenkins above.) I first saw him perform with Luciano Pavarotti on television where he was overpowered by the other voices it seemed to me. I couldn’t figure out why he never opened his eyes and needed a shave.  Over the years, a glimpse of him here and there revealed a beauty and purity of voice that I enjoyed but I had never watched a full Andrea Bocelli concert.  (I watch very little television.)  And, I knew nothing about his life.  What would we do without Wikipedia? You can check out his biography for yourself at the following link if you like.

He went completely blind at age 12 and made it in a tough and demanding business. He has maintained a demanding work schedule since 1992.  I was stunned. He played piano bars to put himself through law school and worked as a court appointed attorney for a year before he went into music full-time.  He’s blind! I watched the Christmas Concert on PBS Tuesday evening with David Foster and a number of guests including Kathryn Jenkins, Natalie Cole and the Muppets. Now, I know what beauty his voice can give you.  Better late than never. And, now I understand why he rarely opens his eyes.

I picked up this painting of Andrea from Wikipedia. There was no attribution, but as you can see, his trademark three-day old beard. Sorry if I was disrespectful. His Christmas Concert with David Foster was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for me. I love this guy.  If you go to the following link and type in his name you can hear his music.

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Finally, Jim is released from his “banishment”. (His term, not mine.)
This week past, I took the last of the pictures to Anchor Printing to be copied, along with uncountable pieces of paper. This last half of the project took them over two hours to copy for me.

While I was out, I enjoyed the beautiful green hills surrounding us.

Near Mellones.

Across the bridge near Sutter Creek.

The beautiful pink ceanothus commonly called wild lilac blooms prolifically along the roadsides

Jim pulled into the yard around 11:30. I didn’t know he was there until he came to the door. I had to go out and see my artwork he worked so hard on. He put in a new picture to greet me. I think I have a choice of 8 or 9 prints that store at the back of the frame.
We walked to Brownsville, which is a spot on my road. I never pay much attention to it, as most people who do not notice those things in their own back yards until its pointed out to you by someone else.

And, then, this morning, Jim spent hours getting my new router to speak to my new wireless device so we could both use the computers at the same time without being plugged in.
He looks a bit shaggy, but none the worse for wear from his “banishment”. He promises to ignore me so I can finish my work. Now I’m even more motivated to finish so I can have some fun. We’ve already been invited to a “Last Supper” Thursday, since its Easter Week. Jim said, shucks, I just shaved five weeks worth of beard, had I only known.
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