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I’m looking back this morning. The address above is a blog I did on Teets Food Store in Ville Platte, Louisiana.  A wonderful family business with renowned smoked meats and sausages. We posted their website and Luke asked me if we could repost it since the website has changed. So, looking back at Ville Platte and Teets Food Store, here is their new web address:

DSC01318 (Copy)

Yesterday morning we woke to a beautiful sunrise at Cashmere. And we hit the road headed for Leavenworth.DSC01322 (Copy)

We passed through several smaller towns, but apples and pears are still crawling up the hillsides in this vast river valley.

DSC01458 (Copy)

The drive to Leavenworth takes you through 10 miles of  beautiful rushing river. Not very photographable on Jim’s side of the motorhome. A Beautiful part of driving Highway 2.

DSC01341 (Copy)

Leavenworth was bypassed by the railroads and was more of a ghost town when some enterprising entrepreneur thought, why not make it a Bavarian Attraction since it sits against a beautiful mountain background.

DSC01397 (Copy)

It’s not the Matterhorn, but no one seems to mind.DSC01398 (Copy)

We arrived early, but in no time, the town was teeming with tourists.

DSC01323 (Copy)

The Salmon Festival ended on Saturday. Sunday’s major activity-music and art in the park.

DSC01333 (Copy)

We were looky-loos and none of the exhibitors wanted pictures taken of their work.

DSC01328 (Copy)

The whole town is a work of art with its Bavarian style buildings and decorations, so we didn’t mind.

DSC01343 (Copy)

We walked and peaked into shops to see what we could see.

DSC01384 (Copy)

We saw a sign that led us to a nutcracker doll museum. She had thousands of them, but most were for sale. I like the Nutcracker story, but the figures don’t interest me. I know two people who collect them. I’m sure there are others.

DSC01383 (Copy)

She also had little cuckoo clocks. My motorhome clock is on the fritz and Jim kept encouraging me to buy one. But they looked a bit fragile for the bumping and shaking a motorhome endures.DSC01337 (Copy)

The town boasts many murals, and this one shows a Maypole Celebration.

DSC01335 (Copy)

The town has a Maypole. It reminded me that I was part of a Maypole Celebration while attending Longfellow school in Hardwood, MI. I remember it as a spring celebration of flowers. We each held a bouquet and the girls were interspersed with the boys, who didn’t like it and thought it was silly to walk around the Maypole. Maypoles have to be tall because the ribbons soon wrap the entire pole. Maypoles are a tradition of Scandinaviain Germanic cultures, from the 1600’s medieval times. You can barely crane your neck enough to see to the top of this one.

DSC01351 (Copy)

It was only 10 A.M. when we passed this German Sausage, kraut and beer place. We caught the bartender sippin’ and a cookin’ and singing. But, it was too early for us to enjoy lunch.


As you can imagine you can buy just about anything here.DSC01404 (Copy)

From serious hats….DSC01360 (Copy)

To ridiculous, fun hats.

DSC01391 (Copy)

There was certainly fine things, like these table runners, mats and cloths. DSC01406 (Copy)

Beautiful boots, shoes, jewelry and clothing.DSC01346

But, I like to amuse myself with humorous products.

DSC01395 (Copy)

You think it’s the cat, but I really had my eye on that cannabis cookbook on the right. Fooled ya”

DSC01392 (Copy)

This is how you judge someone’s character.  Right?

DSC01400 (Copy)

We were able to resist the licorice ice cream at Scoop Du Jour.

DSC01374 (Copy)

And all the yummy baked treats at Kondidorei’s Bakery

DSC01372 (Copy)

The pretzels were just too big for me.

We walked the five or six blocks of Bavarian themed town and then walked to the river to see an exhibit of recycled art a challenge for the Salmon Festival just past. Since we are sitting out a storm over Steven’s Pass, I’ll post it tomorrow.

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