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Yesterday I Did A BM…

Every six months…more or less…during the months of April and October…it’s time for me once again to do Battery Maintenance.  This is a photo of our coach batteries. They are connected to the large solar panel on the roof where the sun keeps them fully charged when we are parked. They are two six-volt golf cart batteries wired in series to produce 12 volts which power all of the 12 volt devices on board. They are located under a cover of the entrance steps to the motorhome…

The battery maintenance process involves cleaning the batteries and connections of any residues of grime and accumulated battery acid build-up. Once the batteries are cleaned then I usually have to add some distilled water to the battery cells. In addition to these two batteries I also do the engine-starting batteries on the motorhome, Bronco and Mary’s pick-up truck. I did such a good job of cleaning them six months ago that this time the process was accomplished in less than two hours. This type of preventative maintenance when accomplished while in a convenient working location prevents problems while out on the open road. It’s time well spent.

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