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Ansel Adams…The View From Here

Ansel Adams is probably the best known photographer of all time. While in the Tucson, Arizona I stumbled upon the fact that an Ansel Adams exhibit was currently in progress at the University of Arizona. If you are a regular follower of my Blog, you know that I have been an avid photographer since 1974. Along the way, I in addition to many other classes, I have studied at The Camera Club of New York City and also attended the Nikon School of Photography. During these classes I have studied the works of Ansel Adams.

The Center For Creative Photography is located at the University of Arizona Libraries in Tucson, Arizona. Mary and I visited there this past Sunday after our visit to Barrio Historico. Much better to be in downtown Tucson on a Sunday than on a weekday with all the traffic and people. Yuk! The exhibit is entitled…The View From Here.

Here’s a link…describing the exhibit…

This is the entrance to the building…

As expected…photography was not allowed in the gallery. So I snuck this photo through the window of the door…

If you are not familiar with Ansel Adams, you should click this Wikipedia link…

You might also enjoy the information contained in these two links…

When you enjoy doing a particular thing, you generally cannot go wrong studying the masters of the thing. When you consider the equipment of the day back in Adam’s time…huge bulky cameras on tripods…then be willing to haul all this stuff into the back wilderness…that is what makes a master.

Years ago I was much more serious about my photography. When I moved out of my last regular home in 1995 (to begin my life as a full-time RVer)…in which I had a studio and darkroom…I also decided to sell all of my expensive camera equipment. The truth be told…back then…good photography required a lot of work. When I decided to retire…I also decided I did not want to work that hard on my photography any longer. So I bought a $100 Nikon film camera and went along my way.

However…with the advent of digital cameras…good photography is not all that much work any longer. A basic knowledge of composition/lighting rules and use of a basic image altering program such as Picasa 3 is all that is needed today to create some nice photographs. I wonder what Ansel Adams would have thought about today’s equipment and technology associated with photography? I bet he would really have enjoyed a camera like my Sony DSC-HX5V…

Sure beats hauling around a huge bulky camera on a tripod and all the associated equipment!

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