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What a treat at Christmas time to enjoy Mountain Melody Women’s Chorus  present traditional and contemporary songs for the holiday season.  I saw them Saturday evening in Murphys;  they sang in Valley Springs yesterday and will be at the Covenant Church in San Andreas Dec. 10th at 4 p.m. They will sing at the Vieuh Winery Dec. 11th, in Douglas Flat, at 2:30 p.m.  Above is the whole group under the direction of Julia Shelby.


Stage lighting is not very friendly and I went back stage to say hello to Marta Johnson and Carol Mertens.


I don’t know everyone but you may recognize a friend. The group started in Mountain Ranch. Their husbands serve as MC’s and they drive the van, so to speak. They are also accompanied by Marge Biagi-Castro on Piano and a very talented flutist whose name was not in the program.


At intermission, feet up, the ladies enjoy a bit of chatter about their performance, and rest their voices.



Getting  ready for the last half of the program involved some costuming for a special number.


At showtime, she looked like this. I believe she is Jennifer Robinson.



A second comedic number required a special costume, too. You can tell these women are having fun while they entertain us.


One of the nice things Julia does is give various singers a chance to solo for brief out-takes.


I should have asked everyone’s name. Darn.


To join the group, you must pass muster and Mary Howell (right) was publicly praised as their newest member who “survived” her first year. On stage she was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

The group accepts donations to cover the costs of travel, music royalties, and rehearsal space. What a treasure we have in the Motherlode.


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