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When I blogged my exotic trip to Thailand in January, I inserted pictures here and there with Flat Stanley and promised to explain Flat Stanley later. Aha! A reader reminded me I failed to do that so here goes. In the picture above he greets us from a hotel in the Golden Triangle.
In Bangkok, he attended a marvelous puppet show with our OAT travel group.

Earlier in the day, we watched as Thai’s made unusual (to us) flower arrangements in the bustling flower market there.

Later, Flat Stanley was photographed on a very exotic flower arrangement.

Flowers in Thailand are omnipresent. This guardian of the Khantoke garden is festooned with flowers.
The Khantoke garden was our lunch stop on the road between Chaing Rai and Chaing Mai. Flat Stanley got to ride a bike rickshaw.
And below, he consorted with the school children from Bankhonsung School in Phitsanulok.

Flat Stanley is a geography lesson for school children. A printout was given to my grandson, Austin, who colored Flat Stanley to resemble himself with red hair, his favorite color shirt and pants. Then, Flat Stanley traveled with me, was returned to Austin at the end of our trip, and his travels followed by the children in school who, I hope, learned something about Thailand.
Of course, since I lost the last half of my pictures, Flat Stanley’s return to Austin isn’t in my blog. Darn!
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Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Last night Mary and I spent the night in an American Legion parking lot in South Austin, Texas. Along the way yesterday we stopped in Stonewall, Texas and toured the Lyndon Baines Johnson Ranch complex. The tour included the Texas White House but no inside photos were allowed. That with a high of only 47 degrees and a constant 25+ mph wind made for a bone-chilling day and not a lot of photographs. I did however get a few of his car collection. The below photo shows him and Lady Bird Johnson in their 1934 Ford Phaeton Hunting Car parked on a road below a dam on the Pedernales River on their ranch.


Here’s the other nine pictures I took…

Here’s a few more ranch pictures I found on the web…

Here’s the official government website…

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link…

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