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Yesterday, we left Stephenson, WA and drove to Vancouver.  I spent two hours at the Maryhill Museum and thought I’d display some of their ceramics and glassware. The collection is not massive. They also have a crafts collection. The beaded vase above is the only item that “spoke” to me from the collection which had a mix of furnishings, jewelry and other objects.

One case contained a collection of antique glassware like the vase above. Some beautiful stuff worth a trip out if its your favorite “thing.” I have a friend who collects antique glass and its lovely, delicate, highly prized stuff.

Ceramics are among my favorite things. The collection here isn’t extensive and I may have snapped a picture of  every pot and bowl they had. What’s nice is they are all originals.

A sculpin fish teapot was my favorite.

My friend Donna Voorhees makes similar lidded bowls and I own one. I use it for one thing, to make bread pudding. Somehow, the bread pudding, my own recipe, turns out best when baked in this type of  bowl.

I own a yellow bowl, not as pretty as this plate. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and not all that common with ceramicists. Mine I use for pasta dishes with a cream base and a sprig of bright green garnish.

This piece has a lot of character and appears to be Adam and Eve enjoying the fruits of their table.

Glass work I know nothing about except that it takes a special type of furnace to work with it. The results are beautiful. The Maryhill collection was quite conservative. I’ve seen spectacular fused glass in galleries all over the U.S. that appeal to me.  The vase, (below) was wonderfully iridescent, fused, my favorite from the collection and I’d like to take it home.

The next couple days, I will be visiting with Damiann Kegney, a friend of my son’s.

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Rosie’s Bar was a homey place, they say.  Gone now, but not forgotten.
We need art and music to sooth us. And, as the madness of the current election, the money raising frenzy, the lies, distortions and name calling, intrude,  I get my respite by cruising through my pictures and memories for awhile each day.

A beautiful Mardi Gras costume.There is a bit of trivia related to beauty. Caligynephobia is the fear of beautiful women.

The Blues Brothers and the famous Blue Dog from The Blue Dog Cafe.

I think his innocence is what appeals to us.

To have a gate like this is to state your individuality.

A block from a crazy quilt. Keeping warm while rescuing scraps of cloth to become a work of art. Now that is an accomplishment.

Glass so beautiful you feel like you could swim in it.

I like portraits because they make you curious about what is going on in that persons mind, setting, personal space. They evoke wonder. I sometimes wish  that I could paint, or play beautiful music. But, its enough to look and listen.

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