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DSC04816 (Copy)

My volunteer day with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Archive is today. I leave too early for a lengthy blog, so I’ll get back to Turkey in earnest tomorrow. Above is the beautiful writing in a manuscript from the Aramada Hotel, Istanbul.

DSC04649 (Copy)

An old Roman aqueduct. Usla said, “those people are not supposed to be up there.”

DSC04652 (Copy)

Usla teasing us about his new car. (Not his, it belongs to the owner of the hotel.)

DSC04464 (Copy)

The Armada has turtles in the lobby. Reminds me of the Peabody Ducks.

DSC04698 (Copy)

And, of course, tulips everywhere. I DID tell you that tulips originated in Turkey, right? They were taken to Amsterdam many years ago.

And, thank you Virginia for answering my question about a (correct spelling) caliph, a religious leader.

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