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Camp Hostess, Pam, arranged for a Memorial Day Service at the entrance gate. The VFW came earlier than planned, gave their 21 gun salute and left before any one had a chance to gather. She explained there had been a snafu about timing. She read a script about honoring those who served and invited any veterans to speak to the crowd.

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This woman, a veteran herself, has two sons in the  military.

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This veteran spoke and saluted.

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This woman spent 20 years in the military.

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Jim got up and surprised himself; he got choked up and could hardly speak.

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Following the pledge of allegiance and a song, My Country T’is Of Thee, the parade of decorated golf carts made their way to the Family Center.

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Then the walkers followed the golf carts.

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This family joined the walkers.

I’m so anti-war.  Most of the invasions we’ve made on behalf of our government are in support of some corporate economic issue rather than defense of our country. The money spent on war could be put to such better use. But, make no mistake, being anti-war does not mean I don’t support our troops. I believe we should reinstate the draft and let all socioeconomic groups be responsible for military service and readiness.

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Bottom line, for me, Memorial Day is remembering our troops, those who served and those who fell.  It is not un-American to disapprove of war.

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Everywhere at Thunderbird Monroe, is the sound of water. It trickles and gargles its way to the great Snohomish at our backs, forming shady glens, and gravelled pools. Comfortable respite-in hot weather.

Rhododendrons bloom everywhere in various shades of red and lavender.  On the road,  hybrid peach and yellow rhodies bloom in yards  along the way. I have just one more day to enjoy them and the swimming pool before leaving for Southern California on Monday.

We went to town looking for a bean bag to stabilize the rear view camera mount.  Second hand stores are always fun. At Cinderella’s Closet I found this sign:  I laughed while Jim pretended he didn’t know what it meant.  We didn’t find a bean bag, but we happened upon My LA Fashion Store, a place that specialized in designer jeans. Cindy retired from Los Angeles at 44, moved to Monroe, got bored and opened up this store. Neither of us had ever seen mannequins that emphasized the derriere before.

There was a whole line-up of them on the street.

Actually, our real goal in town was to meet Jim’s lifelong friend, Al Penta and meet his girl friend, Kim. These guys, always cutting up, made Kim appear eight feet tall.

Al and Jim were both in the Navy during Viet Nam, and Al came home an avid pacifist.  He met Kim about three years ago. Both are vegetarians and like me, anti-war, peaceniks.

Al and Jim, both bachelors for many years, get together and meet for lunch  when Jim passes through Monroe. Al claimed, having lunch with a couple of women included, made their traditional, yearly lunch more fun. It was no surprise to me that women are more fun.

If you are interested in Peace Organizations, there are over 100 of them listed at this address. My favorite, Give Peace A Chance wasn’t listed. Others, you can find:  Refuse To Kill, Muslims Peace Fellowship, Westpoint Graduates For Peace, Grandmothers for Peace, Physicians For Social Responsibility…anyway, give it a look:

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From Mary’s desk:

Memorial Day, Wendy Jaillet and daughter Jaime marched 3 miles in the Essex Memorial Day Parade, near Ivoryton. Wendy is a girl scout trip leader. I bought a poppy, forgetting that they still do that. I hadn’t seen a vet selling poppies since moving to Murphys.
This county put their flags at half staff for a local man who recently died in Afghanistan.
I’m conflicted because I’m against wars as a way of solving problems because it causes so much pain and sacrifice. The cost is not only human carnage. Right now, the trillions spent on our current conflict could more productively be used to assist nation building and lower our national debt.
Remembering those who served and sacrificed? On this trip since January,  I’ve visited Fort Bowie in Arizona, The huge Pacific War Museum at Fredericksburg, Texas, Chalmette Battlefield, the Cabildo, Port Hudson and the LaFitte National Parks of Louisiana, covering the Revolutionary War of 1776, The War of 1812,  The Spanish American War and the Civil War. More Civil War battlefields in Gettysburg, PA, and Harpers Ferry in W.Virginia. War is a vivid culture of countries, men and politics like no other.
In short, Memorial Day reminds me of the service and sacrifice made by our armed services and many civilians as well, but it also reminds me of the killing machine going on right now. I despise that it is deemed  necessary. I sometimes think my friends believe people who are anti-war are unpatriotic. Not true. Patriotism is as much about keeping the peace as it means fighting for our country’s values. Defining those values is not a straight street, and I take it very personally.

My partner Jim Jaillet in 1961.

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