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In 2009 we hiked to Fort Bowie, near Chiriacahua National Monument and caught a glimpse of the Butterfield Trail. I knew it was a stagecoach line to deliver the mail out west. We hadn’t even read the BLM information on the Painted Rock Petroglyphs when we say hello to a stranger who just happens to be an expert on the Butterfield Trail and this whole area in general. He just published a book,  The Butterfield Trail And Overland Mail Company In Arizona. Jerry Ahnert’s  book was identified by the government as the definitive historical work on the subject.

The Butterfield Trail ran from Missouri to the Pacific, 3,000 miles, a transcontinental highway, that passes near the petroglyphs. In fact, Butterfield was a New Yorker with stage lines in the East. He hired two guys, named Wells and Fargo. They all drove stages at one time, according to Jerry.

Petroglyphs have ancient origins and these are typical of two Indian Tribes, the Hohokam and Patayan who peopled this area as long ago as 4,000 years. Various indicators date them  as late as the 1600s. If I were to interpret this drawing, it appears to me to be a pregnant woman with a round fat middle. The experts call the fat drawings like this one lizard men?

An upside down figure of a man or animal is said to be dead.

A glyph from 1912 giving directions, it appears. The Old Immigrant Trail, The Morman Trail and other major expeditions traveled the same or similar routes through the West and passed near this obvious outcropping in a terrain that is distinctively flat.

A donkey or horse with a rider dates the drawing after the Spanish brought horses to North America.

A fish above a river.

Lizards, snakes, scorpions, are common themes.

To me, this resembles a child sitting down, the way children do. The experts I’m sure disagree.

The spirals are typical of Hohokam drawings.

Impossible to tell if the drawing is  a dog or a coyote. It had significance to the artist.

To me the main figure here resembles an elephant?  Could it be an older glyph of a  mammoth?

The figure near the bottom is possibly a bearded goat?

It was fun. I took way to many pictures. More tomorrow. But, the following picture is of a sign placed by the Mormon boy scouts approximately 50 years ago. They ventured forth to mark the Morman Trail. On that spot you can stand and envision Kit Carson, Big Foot Wallace and Pomp, Sacajawea’s son who grew up to be a scout.


I’ll publish an album of the “ancient graffiti”  within a few days. I have some culling to do.

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In mid July, we were treated to the sight of a playful fox in bright daylight. I was unable to load the video until we had a strong enough signal. It takes two minutes to view it if you click on the link below.

Today is moving day. We are headed for Mystic, Connecticut for a few days.
Last night, we said our goodbyes to Donna and Bob where they treated us to thin crust Italian Pizza at Ricardos. When we returned to Dartmouth, Donna presented Jim with a french meat pie she made especially for him, her first effort at meat pie.

The recipe is:
l lb. ground pork shoulder
1 lb. ground beef
2 stalks of celery and
1 onion  chopped fine.
2-3 med. potatoes mashed
2 Tblspns Bells Poultry Seasoning
Ground Clove and salt and pepper to taste.

Saute meat & drain off  fat.
Add chopped vegetables and saute until tender.
Add mashed potatoes and seasonings and mix thoroughly.
Prepare your favorite pie crust for a 10″ pie plate. Load in meat mixture. Add top crust and place foil on the crimped edges to prevent burning. Pierce top crust with fork. Bake at 425* 30 to 35 minutes.


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