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Yesterday was our last day in Vegas and I visited a  local Community Center that has multiple programs for the community. One such program is providing a gallery for up-and-coming artists. The  tile sign outside of the building kind of spells it out for you. Beautiful sign.

The exhibit was a paper exhibit and since that is my medium I wanted to see it. Andreana Donahue hand cut this huge paper piece that covers a large wall plus turns the corner onto another wall.

It seems impossibly huge to be hand cut. Its beautiful and snow white with a black paper contrast. Since our signal is low, I can’t upload the flowers and iceberg she cut. But, watch for this artist to be big some day and I’ll try and post the rest later.

Our plan was to head into Death Valley, but a cold front has changed our plans and we will be going to Yuma instead. Death Valley is still on the menu, however.

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