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A new restaurant in Murphys, Outer Aisle, opened right on the highway. I met two friends for lunch to try it out. It is more than a restaurant; it is an organic market as well.

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If you should have to wait for anything, you can enjoy a delightful foyer, comfortable couch, good art. Hey. I like it already. A place to take your wine or beer and sip.

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Marilyn and Valerie and I kind of learned our way around. We chose an entrée with the salad bar. It is casual dining;  walk up to the bar, order what you want and someone brings it to your table. This place started out as a pizza and craft brewing place. But, oh, the building itself is beautiful and I hadn’t noticed it before.

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No pictures can do the salad bar justice, but the lettuces, cress, chopped kale and chard with many choices of in-season items, plus goat cheese and beans and… all fresh and organic. You have no idea what fresh means in a restaurant until you eat here.  Soups, too, are right from the garden. Choices this day, vegan greens, butternut squash, and I’ve forgotten the other choice.

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I love craft brews, my favorite being Black Butte Porter. They didn’t have it, but their porter was just as good, fresh on tap. Loved it. You can order organic wine, or tea. Or other choices that are not organic.

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The food itself comes right straight from the market on the opposite side of the building. Taylor farms grows and sells everything organic including grass fed beef.  The veggies are wonderful fresh choices in season.

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The refrigerated section comes with organic eggs from nearby Vallecito, meaning you don’t get them from long-term storage, moved miles across country in a refrigerated truck. I love it.

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A varied choice of bottled organic condiments, crackers, pasta, nuts, beans, cous cous, dried product not grown here, but aimed to provide healthy choices.

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This item was on the salad bar and we tried it guessing it was a seaweed mix of some kind. Kale chips freshly made that day and scrumptious.

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I talked with long time friends, Patty and Marc Miles who love Outer Aisle. I’ve never been in an organic restaurant that was so comfortable and friendly and warming. My friend Marilyn says, it is just Murphys. Maybe so. She left the county, moved to Sac, liked many things but for friendliness, she moved back into her old house.

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If you wish, on a nice day, as it has been, you can eat outside and enjoy the sun. We girl friends like to yap and Marilyn walked up to the bar and said: “I’ve been using this a lot lately, but we who are over 65 would like the music to be slightly lower.”  The attendant immediately accommodated us and we had a great visit.

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