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Up On the Roof…

Have you ever wondered what’s up on the roof of an RV?

Most likely you haven’t…But…just in case you have…here’s your chance to find out. RV roofs tend to be similar. I took this photo a couple of days ago while cleaning the roof on our motorhome. You may click to the photo to enlarge it. The below numbers describe the item…

1- A 360 degree television antenna for receiving over the air television signal. We never use it. I could remove it…but it’s not bothering anyone so I let it alone.

2- XM Radio antenna which allows us 24 hour a day commercial free music.

3- Antenna for electronic signal amplifier for cell phone and Internet signals.

4- Kitchen area roof vent.

5- Refrigerator vent.

6- Air conditioner.

7- Air flow rotating vent which extracts odors from black and gray waste-water tanks.

8- Solar panel which allows us to get electricity from the sun.

9- Rear view camera and antenna which transmits the signal to a monitor in the driver’s cockpit area.

10- Bathroom vent.

11- Translucent plastic cover which allows light to enter the shower in the bathroom.

12- The ladder which allows access to the roof.

There…I bet knowing this information will help you sleep better tonight. Your welcome!  🙂

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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