Hello friends. And, Happy New Year, 2018.

My resolution is to make 2018  a healthy and productive year. I’ve been missing from these pages and I miss blogging. In the past, it has been my habit to photograph Christmas cards and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It is a bit late, and this Santa looks a mite sad about it, but the sparkle is still in the night air until the sun hits the street tomorrow and we begin our everyday life anew.

So, I’ll post a few cards and at the end, I hope I can remember how to make an album for you to view some beautiful  Christmas Cards. More people are sending letters or e-cards and I do too. But the days of the real thing are not over yet.






This one reminds me of the German Christmas Street Fair I went to a long time ago. I’ve forgotten what town.



This bear was not ready to wake up just because it was Christmas. The imaginative artists who draw Christmas Cards have my un-dieing admiration.

Then I made the cards into a Christmas tree.


Then I get to toss them and do another next year. I misplaced the key to my Christmas Storage shed and had no tree, nor lights to make Christmas bright this year.


I could have cut the lock but I was extremely busy and didn’t. The first time ever I have not decorated a tree or put lights up. But, my friend Karen gave me a table decoration and it, along with some Christmas music, made the season cheerful. Plus, Christmas at my son Ken’s, in Reno was a blast. I took pictures of that affair on my new android phone, but I haven’t learned how to get the photos into a blog-YET.

Now for the album:


I couldn’t remember how to do the album of 42 cards. I’ll call Jim tomorrow and have him “relearn” me for the next time.






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4 thoughts on “END OF A VERY STRANGE YEAR.

  1. You should be able to go into the Google Play store on your Android phone and search WordPress and download the app. That way you can upload your pictures and write posts right from your phone!

    • Hope that helps! Happy new year!

      • ramblinmanjimj

        Happy new year to you, too. I’ll get there some day. My phone is, as they say, smarter than me. (chuckle)

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Non techies go a bit slowly with new technology. I’m just getting comfortable with my new phone, so it will be awhile before I try something like that. It took an hour on the phone with Jim this afternoon to get me back into this site. I hadn’t used a password in so many years, I was not allowed in, even though I blogged two days ago. Who can explain electronics. But, thanks for the suggestion.

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