I’m ranting today. Not about politics. I have not been blogging regularly and suddenly, I’m asked to sign in with my password that I haven’t used in years and I can’t remember.  But, to get a new password for my blogspot blog, I must have them send it to me on my g-mail address, which password I also can’t seem to find on my 8 pages of passwords. Crossed out and changed,  I have no idea which one is current. Google bought blogger and everything has to be google. Google is trying to take over the world and I try to avoid all things Google.

My frustration is the rant. I hate a zillion passwords. We are told not to use the same one for everything. But a new password for everything is not working. Every time you have a snag you change your password.  In a hurry. And Google bought blogger. Grrr! In the interest of my sanity I have to laugh at my self-made password prison. Maybe I can find a quote that addresses passwords?  Hmm. Unlikely.

But there are a lot of them about fools.

“The world is full of fools and; and he who would not wish to see one, should break his mirror.”   Boileau

“There is a foolish corner even in the brain of a sage.”  Aristotle

As for prison:  “We are all prisoners, but some of us are in cells…” Kahlil Gibran



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2 thoughts on “PASSWORD PRISON.

  1. Kenny

    I completely sympathize. It’s getting worse and worse. Just the other day my bank (the login for one of their accounts, but not the other) informs me they’ve updated their password policy to make it stronger. Now, the password on that account (but not the other) requires a punctuation mark, so I had to update it. I do not feel any more secure as a result. Like most people, I sign on to dozens of things on a weekly basis. There’s no good way to keep a record of it, and like you, if I revisit something from years ago, I could be screwed. A couple years ago there was an article on some British IT website about this ongoing security issue, and what policies could alleviate it. The comments were dominated by IT pros complaining about forgetful users. I hope some of those clueless “pros” get hacked.

    • 2gadabout

      I’m with you. Those pros think they they dominate the world. I often think some engineer wants to impress his boss and comes up with a new change. Only that change affects we helpless users. I want to scream-LEAVE US ALONE!

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