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I have a tough time understanding why people, especially women, and African-Americans will vote for Trump.

People want to believe what they want to believe and it has been fear that moves that train along.

In the 1960’s, The John Birch Society used a former black Communist Party member to convince the masses that Moscow intended to turn America’s Southern states into a black colony of the Soviets.  Those were the cold war years of fearing Russian aggression.

Ronald Reagan coveted a Republican National Committee loyalist, Dr. Gloria Toote, who made the case for him that the Negro will be delivered to a “Federal plantation”  if the opposition wins.

Trump has  black Reverend Mark Burns who preaches,  “Our enemy is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.” Then, at Trump’s convention, was David Clarke Jr., a black version of Arizona’s Joe Arpaio, making the case that Black Lives Matter is a “hate group.”

In the case of women, when one of his supporters at a Trump rally, punched a woman in the face and knocked her down, he gave a thumbs up and said, “It’s always more fun at a Trump rally.”

The rape case of a 13-year-old girl filed against Trump and Jeffery Epstein, a convicted pedophile, was refiled in New York this week.   Trump says of Epstien, “Jeff is a fun guy to party with”. Fun, indeed.

He made references to killing Hillary by pointing a gun at her head in a picture. On his website, the kill messages from his followers was frightening. He went overboard when his entourage rode into Indiana with an effigy of Clinton being hanged. People were horrified.

Now, he is suggesting that in Philadelphia and in other Pennsylvania districts, they should intimidate voters and do anything to challenge voters, as has been done in the past. Voter patrols wandering around in black neighborhoods with guns,  telling people they can be arrested if they don’t have the proper identification.  Trump believes it is okay to do this kind of stuff; to do anything to win.

And, of course, the Republican Party has vilified Hillary for years. She has an irrefutable record of dedicated public service but if you call someone a liar long enough and often enough, people begin to believe it.

Calling Trump a bully is too kind. He harbors criminal intent in his campaign. He should be investigated for bribery, fraud and hate crimes, but there is a double standard for the rich and influential people of the world.

Billionaire Warren Buffet has often said, “My secretary pays more taxes than I do.” He thinks it is unfair.  And, it is. And if you vote for Trump and he wins, you will be poorer.

And, America, the greatest country in the world, will also be poorer in the eyes of the world.



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15 thoughts on “THE POLITICS OF FEAR.

  1. ramblinmanjimj

    Barak Obama said it best in 2008 and it remains true today…
    “Hillary Clinton will do and say anything to get elected!”

    • 2gadabout

      I’m glad she is a Presidential candidate who isn’t condoning killing, death threats, insults and violence. Civility still matters to some people. She said it best: ” Some people make their own reality.”

  2. I can’t believe he’s a candidate. I can’t imagine him holding the highest office of the country. I often think back to when I was in school and we were taught about Hitler in history class. We would all wonder what was wrong with people. How could they let him rise to power? How could they support someone so hateful? It seems that I’m seeing the answer play out in real life. His hatred is palpable and if there’s anything I fear, it’s the future of the country with him in any position of power…

    • 2gadabout

      Thanks for your comment. The Hitler comparison is all too real. Hitler knew people were hungry. He promised them food and prosperity. Our country has thousands of homeless people and people working two and three jobs to keep their families fed and clothed. Trump says working people are overpaid. Pence has never once voted for a raise in the minimum wage even when it was $5.00. It always amazes me when people vote against their own best interests. In this country, the fear mongers didn’t win. I don’t believe Trump will either. What upsets me is the hate messages may inspire one of his followers to assassinate Hillary. I believe his hate messages should be considered as criminal as yelling fire in a movie theatre. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I don’t throw that comparison around lightly but I now have an understanding of how it unfolded. As you mention, Trump is playing on people’s weaknesses. Forget experience, personality, qualifications, politics, all of that aside, how can people vote for someone like that? Someone that promotes hatred the way he does? I can’t understand how people can excuse it. I couldn’t possibly support someone because we have a few of the same views when there are major differences like the hate that he promotes. I can only hope this is as far as he gets but then I remember when I hoped he wouldn’t get this far… I agree, and think he should be disqualified from running based on his support, encouragement, and initiation of such hateful messages. Nice to meet you Mary.

      • 2gadabout

        A good point, Nikki, about not thinking he’d get this far, either. Neither did I, and most of the Republican Party and now they are imploding over their problem child. I guess it doesn’t pay to take anything for granted, especially a narcissist, power addict like Hitl..I mean Trump. Nice to meet you too.

      • I thought if enough people ignore him, he’ll go away. I guess I underestimated the amount of people that support him 😮

      • 2gadabout

        Me too.

      • 2gadabout

        I just got this from a friend, Howard Hoyt:

        “We’re at a tipping point in America, and a media so eager to be objective can no longer pretend that Donald Trump isn’t the most dangerous, authoritarian, and unhinged demagogue to ever seek the nation’s highest office. We can barely keep up now with his misstatements and lies, with his name-calling and racist rants, with his crazy, self-absorbed pontifications. It’s so bad that I almost suspect each new mini-scandal is a deliberate ruse to distract from the last one. And his candidacy is so toxic that I can no longer pretend to show respect for anyone who still supports him.”
        Dianne Williamson; Time to Stop Pretending Trump is Presidential Material; Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, Massachusetts); Jun 9, 2016.

      • Wow, that last statement really hits hard. I’ve been shocked by the amount of people in my social media circle that support him. It has gotten to the point that I just can’t accept someone saying they support him in spite of his hate because that’s all I can see. I’ve read articles, watched the debate, tried to understand his policies. This dialogue above is so on point…Wake up America…

      • 2gadabout

        I tell everyone a few of the things Trump did they don’t know about and they seem surprised. I guess rants and lies are okay with them. I’m going to volunteer to make phone calls to voters in other states on Saturday. I want to have faith in the American people and I think they’ll come through and reject this monster.

  3. John Hoffmann

    Boy!  Your really full of crap!

    • 2gadabout

      John, I always look forward to hearing from you because I can count on you to be true to yourself. You never waiver.

  4. As a Canadian who has no say in this election, I’m still watching with dismay, as are most of my fellow Canadians.I too cannot understand the thinking of Trump supporters, and we have many friends in the US because we spend our winters there. I am fearful of what it would mean not only to the US, but to the whole world if this man becomes President! You have presented a well-written case against him. Too bad the ones who need to pay attention won’t. Judy

    • 2gadabout

      It’s nice to hear ones thoughts about what other parts of the world will think of a tyrant as president of the U.S. You’ve validated my opinion. Thank you.

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