An innovative new bus that straddles two lanes of a freeway allows any vehicle 6.6 feet or under to speed under it as they both travel together. The bus stops the cars continue on.  I saw a video of the bus moving swiftly along the freeway with traffic zooming under it. Wow, I thought. It is now a reality.

You can go to Treehugger to watch a video of it in action.http://www.treehugger.com/public-transportation/straddle-bus-exists

It comes from China.


It’s called a TEB, a Transit Explore Bus. It can travel at up to 60 km/h (37.2 mph) with passengers hopping on and off by way of ramps that fold outwards when the bus reaches a stop. Reportedly, the ETB could replace up to 40 conventional buses, save 800 tons of fuel and 2,480 tons of carbon emissions each year, all at around 16 percent of the cost of a subway.

The test bus does stretch over two lanes of traffic, though the model is only long enough for 300 passengers – the company imagines longer TEBs will carry as many as 1,400 people. Certainly could compete with planes if they can develop a higher speed TEB for cross-country highways.

The TEB-1 took to a test track in Qinhuangdao in China’s Hebei Province, on August 2. This allowed for testing of the braking system, along with drag and power consumption.

China Xinhua News reports that the TEB has already received interest from governments in Brazil, France, India and Indonesia.

We should have them here on long haul freeways like Highway 5. All trucks would be directed to their own lanes. Lets go for California first!!

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