DSC08111 (Copy)I’ve lived 37 years in Murphys, 26 of them in this house and I had never had a mouse in the house. Tilt!  Except for a cat who loved hunting mice and would bring them in through the cat door, and play with them until they escaped somewhere to die in peace.

Fast forward, no cat. Two of these live uninvited beasties plagued me for almost two weeks before I managed to outwit them. They seemed to have secret knowledge of all mouse traps and attractants. Once gone, I bought three sonic pest repellers and plugged them in. They are designed to repell spiders, mites, mosquitos, roaches, and other nasties. It is a fact that when you remove an active spider web, if you don’t kill the bugger, it will rebuild its web the next day. Hmm! How do I know if this thing works as I see a spider happily spinning its web?

Online I read that sound waves do not bend around corners, or work through walls and furniture.

DSC08112 (Copy)

With some effort I managed to prop them in high positions. Looks ugly as hell. I will have to move them occasionally to cover my big rooms. But yesterday, I found six spiders, big and little exiting (with suitcases in hand), trying to get under my outside door in my bedroom. And, later, when I went to take a shower, two more were hiding under a plastic bucket I keep to collect water for plants. (Part of our drought relief program.)

DSC08113 (Copy)

Voila!  They work. I’m ordering two more for my garage.

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