Why should working people be expected to pay the lion’s share of taxes?  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all pop over to Ireland and escape paying our fair share like corporations do. I wouldn’t want to do it as I watch American infrastructure go down the tubes; National and State parks in trouble by Corporate challenges; Climate deniers running for President in the face of sound science; established politicians, both Democrat and Republicans swilling at the corrupt well of donations from special interests; Well here is information on at least one fix:

These organizations are watchdogs for fair taxes. Right now, Pfizer is paying a low tax in Ireland while getting all the benefits of the U.S. This loophole needs to be closed. Go to: The Nation to insist that Obama close the loophole. Click this link:

Will you join us in calling on President Obama and the US Treasury Department to stop Pfizer and other corporate deserters?


American Family Voices
Americans for Tax Fairness
Campaign for America’s Future
Corporate Accountability International
Courage Campaign
Daily Kos
Economic Policy Institute
Left Action
National People’s Action
National Priorities Project
People For the American Way
The Nation
The Other 98%
The Zero Hour




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