Before he died, Thomas Trump let loose about his nephew, “The Donald.”

I looked into the family Trump on-line and learned that Donald’s brother, Fred, chose not to be in the very rich family business and became a pilot instead. He also became an alcoholic and died of his alcoholism.  Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., cut his son, Fred Trump Jr., out of the will on the grounds that the man was an alcoholic. This was done at the instigation of his other son, Donald. Fred junior’s children took the issue to court to contest the will. At which point, the Tyrant Trump, the adulterer, racist, misogynist, isolationist, preacher of hate, showed his true family values.  One of Fred Jr.’s children, a young boy with cerebral palsy, suffered from seizures. Trump had been paying for the child’s treatment. Once the will was contested, Donald decided that he wouldn’t pay for the boy’s medical care anymore. Such a nice guy.

If Trump has absolutely no scruples about screwing his own family over for money, including a  sick little boy, he also shows that he will have no remorse about destroying the lives, families and children of others if he becomes president. Especially if they’re unworthy like Hispanics, Muslims, low women or ordinary blue-collar American workers. For all his bucks, I didn’t see any philanthropy in Donald’s business.  Too bad he didn’t equate himself with his Uncle Thomas, the Carnegies, the Standfords, Bill Gates and other men of wealth who were thankful for the opportunities offered by a great nation.  I guess he doesn’t believe in true American values.


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  1. Sadly, Snopes says the obit is a fake.

    • 2gadabout

      Really? The obit was what prompted me to go online and check furthur. I will see if I can’t get more information from a reliable source. But, things that are true, he is no philanthropist, he is a hate monger, racist, he says nasty things about women, he pouts when he loses, and he has no experience running anything but a monster business he inherited from papa. His experience running a country and making compromises and concessions with others to do what is best for people is nonexistent. From personal experience, his casino is dirty, the air conditioning is kept to a minimum. I wonder why is that?

      • 2gadabout

        You are so right. The thing was a fake.It took over an hour to find it on SNOPES which is why I hardly ever go to them anymore. But,thank you for letting me know. I should have done a better job. When I saw the F word, I was nagged by a doubt, because what refined man would use that in a publication? Plus the publication was not named and I wondered. Should have trusted my instincts. No excuse, just get busy.

  2. I also would like to find a reliable source for my news. Can one be found?

    • 2gadabout

      The most reliable is The Christian Science Monitor. They don’t always have full coverage of what we are interested in. For television news, I believe PBS does the best job. No one source works. I found Politifact a good place to vet things. It is run by a journalism school. I find some of the best news sources in groups that keep up better than I can with national news and home grown news, such as Public Citizen and the ACLU.

      • 2gadabout

        I forgot to mention Free Press, that I get on-line,and Alternet News, also online is an interesting take on controversial subjects.

  3. I had thought so by instinct.

    • 2gadabout

      My brain had a few nags of doubt I should have listened too. You were right.

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