DSC07673 (Copy)We all lose loved ones and we know it is hard to bear.  My friend Sharon lost her husband, mother and sister in a period of six weeks. She meets with a grieving group. She has many friends in her church and several nearby family members. Those connections play a huge part in healing. Some people have more difficulty than others and have fits of despair. I try to keep her laughing. We went to what she heard was a good movie, thinking funny and full of laughter. It was a good movie, full of dysfunctional family, struggle for achievements and in the end a success story. The name of the movie was Joy, about a woman inventor. Empowering in its way, but funny  it was not. Still, stepping out, enjoying a burrito bowl afterwards at Firewood in Murphys, certainly entertained both of us enough to decide we should do it more often. I’ve promised myself.  Ciao

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  1. A dear friend got an email a couple of years ago from an actor friend in NYC – there would be a casting call for a singer who could speak Latin held in Boston. My friend (who has never acted) is very active in the Catholic Church (latin – check) and sings opera like you cannot believe (singing – check) so he thought what the heck! Went to the call, got the part – of a priest in the movie Joy!! How exciting to meet Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Di Niro. But when he and his wife went to the screening in December, he found out unfortunately all of his scenes were left on the cutting room floor! However in the ads promoting the movie, his hands holding the bible in one scene did make it! HAHA!!! All in all he made some money and loved the experience but acting is not what he will be doing in retirement!!! 😀

    • 2gadabout

      I love DeNiro, but Jennifer Lawrence was new to me. I didn’t see Hunger Games, which is where she got her start, I understand. Anyway, Joy had a lot to offer as a movie and Sharon and I both enjoyed it, except we were looking for a laugh a minute humor. Thanks for stopping by.

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