DSC05103 (Copy)No longer homeless, my brother has a job and is working in Manteca. I drove down and took him to lunch for his birthday. He is still attached to his bible and a new church. He is refurbishing a rental that was burned out from the inside. His pay is a place to live. He previously built a house in Hayward for the owner before he had his stroke. Now, he lives and works in the same place. A good deal for both.

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I’ve been an advocate of housing homeless people. It works in other states and is cheaper than shuttling them around and treating them as though they are human trash. The highest costs come from arresting them and creating a revolving door through the courts for trespassing, drunkenness, drugs, or aberrant behaviors. Mental patients are among the most common people on the streets and hospitalizing or jailing them is more costly than housing and treating them.  I’m sure I will be addressing this subject in the future.


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4 thoughts on “A HOME IN MANTECA.

  1. Hooray! Our system goes about it all wrong, as you point out. This is such a wonderful step in the right direction. Why do we enable people who can afford $5 million vacation homes in Colorado, but allow people like your brother, and their families, to suffer, rhetorically she asks!

    Will he have access to proper medical care?

    • 2gadabout

      He receives his social security and has always gotten medical care at the county hospital. He certainly is entitled to medicare, but you have to apply and without a “home” address, they do not give medicare or medical. He has to live where there are services, transportation and food stores close enough for him to get there on a bike. He has no drivers license or official I.D. The Home owner got him a bank account so he can now write a check with his money which was never enough for Bay Area rent, nor will it be in Manteca. He is no longer drinking himself into oblivion, a big improvement. He spends most of his money on Postage. He writes voluminous missives to world leaders and all of the biggest newspapers in the United States. As a Jesus Freak, he is convinced that God has made it his mission to write these letters to influence politicians and people to Obey the ten Commandments and the Constitution of the United States. I don’t know what the cost of Medicare is for a single man but it isn’t an area we talked about and explored. He wouldn’t have a clue how to apply, nor do I on his behalf because I don’t know how long he will be in this better circumstance. I first want to see if he has refrigeration so he isn’t dumpster diving, and getting him vitamins and recipes for an adequate diet. I wanted to be careful not to be a bossy older sister and pry. Rather to be as approving as I could for where he is and what he is doing.

      • Such a sad situation. It’s wonderful how you balance need with what is actually possible/doable.

  2. 2gadabout

    Hi Judi,
    I thought I’d answered this, but Jim told me I hadn’t. He pressed the publish button for me. I’ve been super busy even though I try to take time out each day to relax, read or go SOMEwhere. chuckle

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