DSC07513 (Copy)Yesterday, I had my pile of wood cut into usable chunks. The last of my wood pile had pieces so big they wouldn’t fit into my stove. Dave and Jerrod from Cutting Edge Yard Service do a great job getting me ready for the next siege of cold and rainy weather. I got up on the roof and cleaned the screen on my chimney and settled in for a good read with a pot of soup on the stove.

It was a long quiet weekend and I took both days off. Retired people need days off too, so I indulged. I didn’t do much reading this year, but I finished a book I had started and looked at my list:  Books Read 2015. I hate to admit that I have in the past re-read half way through a book before realizing I’d read it before. Thus I keep a list.  I began listing in 2008. I’ve read some good, bad, great and funky stuff.

Books I’ve read: 2008.
***Devil In The White City, by Erik Larson-Really enjoyed this historical book about the Chicago World’s Fair and a serial murder. A kind of wayward read, but a good story, told thoroughly. True story and devilishly intriguing.

***The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wahls-Great book, real life story. Good story, amazing insight.

***Sea Glass by Anita Shreve-Wonderful book. New author for me.

***The First Women’s Detective Agency-My niece loved this book. I found it just OK.

***The Bone People by Kerri Hulme-Good, but disturbing in ways.

****Dirty Blonde And Half Cuban, by Lisa Wixon-Just okay.

****The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins-Lousy read. Couldn’t get his point across with any interest

****Diana Gabaldon Books-Loved all 4 and want to reread them.
The Outlander- is the first book. Dragonfly In Amber-is another. Excellent.
I spent a week with my broken leg up in the air and took an amazing trip in these novels.

I think I ‘ll publish all of my lists,  since things I’ve read in 2015 are authors I started in previous years. My cousin Bob and I often trade book suggestions. I’d love to hear your recommendations.


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2 thoughts on “SOUP AND BOOK WEATHER.

  1. phillklynn

    Your wood pile is just “beautiful”…..don’t u feel warm just looking at it!!!they did a great job….. friend and housematelvyak

    • 2gadabout

      What a rarity to see you on my page. But, I do wish just looking at it would keep me warm. (Chuckle)


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