I refuse to use Google as my browser because I hated it. I felt like it was designed to take over my life. Anything but Google. Even then, you end up with plenty of Google, like Google Earth and a convenient search line from your browser whether it is FireFox, or Sea Monkey. I like Google Earth and they do a wide search, but I find using Google as my browser invasive.

I just got confirmation that my instincts are correct. This came from an article in the Washington Post:

Google was once a bit player in schools, but is now a dominant force. Parents in many school districts can’t opt out of the company’s tracking.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had problems with Google.  In my opinion you could be facing unpleasant consequences if you use it as your browser.



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2 thoughts on “IS GOOGLE A MONSTER?

  1. Edward Kuball

    Mary: I love Google! Happy New Year! bud.

    • 2gadabout

      Millions do, obviously. I had two email replies. One that Google spies on me and I won’t use it. Jim wanted to read the whole article, which I didn’t give a link to in my blog. And, another friend said he disagrees and loves google. Now that I’ve erased Google Chrome, I still have Google Earth and Picasa which was recently bought by Google. Jim will also complain how difficult it was to figure out how to avoid Google uploads and keep the old Picasa. My old Sea Monkey browser had a google search line and apparently Google would no longer allow search results if I used it. Standard answer-no results. Monopolies in general annoy me because they represent lack of choice. I don’t want any program to keep track of my credit card numbers and provide ultra convenience and so that I become dependent and don’t use my own brain. When the Sh– hits the fan, I won’t be caught.(chuckle).

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