DSC07068 (Copy)I needed a sewing machine needle threader and stopped by Country Cloth in Angels Camp. Christmas kits for avid quilters are quick and easy. Ginger puts them together, her own ideas, and it makes for a quick satisfying project. But, not for me. I already have too many projects on hold. I enjoyed looking, even so.

DSC07070 (Copy)I liked this kit, too. Maybe in my old age. I keep saying that.

DSC07131 (Copy)I LOVE this. Three wise women would have asked for directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stalls, made a casserole, brought practical gifts and then there would be PEACE ON EARTH. My daughter-in-law keeps this on her table during the season.

DSC07132 (Copy)Her tree is one she and Ken bought from a cut your own tree farm. It is beautiful. I’ve been locked out of my small storage building where I keep my Christmas, Halloween, Easter, decorating stuff. Yesterday, I removed the door. I have little mini plastic trees, but I haven’t gotten them up yet. I’m still doing cards. And, I practically faint at the price of Christmas trees these days. Memory can do a number on you.

DSC07240 (Copy)But, Christmastime is to fun to stay home. I met my friend Marilyn for lunch at Firewood. She came up from Discovery Bay and had a hankering for Fish Tacos. We met a fascinating woman RVer, 77 years old, who travels on her own or with friends, or grandchildren, all over the country on her own. Her name is Kathy Walsh and I got her phone number. Can’t wait to hear more tales of her travels. Anyway, I think Marilyn was a bit embarrassed because I wore this funky hat, and wanted my foot in the picture. I wore the hat because my hair was wet and it wouldn’t behave.  My foot? Just being silly. Marilyn is a great writer and has a published book, but she is not interested in writing another.

Make good the season. Its okay to be silly. Ciao, my friends.


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