DSC07218 (Copy)The Mountain Melody Women’s Chorus gave two free concerts for donations to the Butte Fire. This one held at the Outer Aisle, right at the end of my road, where one can have a glass of wine, a salad and a bowl of soup, too.

DSC07213 (Copy)A pianist and two flautists add a lovely dimension too this chorus.

DSC07212 (Copy)Everyone sings, but the director emphasizes voices giving individuals a chance to shine.  Marta Johnson not only sings, but she is a talented artist along with equally talented artist, husband, Kevin.

DSC07214 (Copy)A solo excerpt by Jennifer Labrado,  a strong voice. I’m hoping I’ve remembered her last name.

DSC07215 (Copy)Lizz Armstrong in red, and a woman I do not know adjusting the mic, waiting for their moment to perform a duet interlude. Both are sopranos, with strong, uplifting voices.

DSC07219 (Copy)Everyone does their part. The gentleman in silhouette announced each number.

The joyful sounds of Christmas make glad the heart and to help others is an extra comfort when so many are unable to find a Christmas tree in their burned woods, nor a place to put it.

Merry Christmas


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