gallery-thumbnails.phpHigh speed rail for California would be such a boon to us. It would improve our lives, the economy and eliminate the concentration of smog from automobiles that fouls the air and pushes global warming. What we used to call Smell A could once again be L. A.

I loved taking Amtrak in Stockton to visit my daughter in Southern California. I could read, play cards, have lunch walk, look at the scenery. It is such a pleasant way to travel. Unfortunately, Kristanne doesn’t live in SoCal anymore.

It puzzles me why we have an out of date rail system while other countries with just a fraction of our resources, like Turkey, Poland and Morocco have modern, comfortable rail systems. Switzerland, Japan, France, Germany, and UK have fantastic, high speed state of the art bullet trains and commuter rail systems that get people where they need to go with little hassle.

A majority of working Americans are daily stuck in traffic, feeling road rage and yearning for a better way to get to work.

Our whole economy depends on infrastructure. Yet, we can’t get High Speed Rail moving. HSR is electric and we don’t have the hassle of getting to the air port, going through the rigamarole of inspection; waiting in lines and using transportation that gobbles up polluting jet fuel. The jobs it would create right here at home makes me want to fire congress for not getting behind HSR.

And, of course, that is where the problem lies. They either have oil money in their pockets or concrete for brains. I’m remembering back to the 1930’s when Shell Oil bought the public transportation network in Los Angeles and ripped up the tracks and burned street cars.  It wasn’t only Shell, but the combined power of Standard Oil, Firestone Tires, Mack Trucks and General Motors who were in on the deal.

Likewise, in the 1990’s corporate profiteers mounted a fight to undermine the high speed potential for Amtrak. Guess who funded that? KOCH Brothers Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and Reason Foundation, that spread the analyses that Amtrak is a pokey slow little train system of little use. They bought politicians  with fabricated studies that have systematically starved Amtrak and any progress to HSR.  Most Amtrak trains have to shuffle along at 48 miles per hour, instead of 150 miles per hour.  THANK YOU CONGRESS.

Of course, naysayers point to Amtrak crashes. Guess what?  All modern rail systems have PTC ,  positive train control systems. But congress imposed some budgetary and ideological restrictions on Amtrak’s ability to implement PTC.  The people who die in crashes have congress to blame.

For more information on HSR to the following links:

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5 thoughts on “DON’T YOU LOVE A TRAIN?

  1. “makes me want to fire congress” – a good idea for more reasons than anyone can even imagine! There are railroad tracks all over the place that could be inspected, repaired as necessary, and utilized. We wouldn’t even need to import foreign workers as the original building of the tracks required. I’ve heard there are a number of people right here in the United States who are out of work and would welcome the opportunity to get us back “on track” – ahem! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • 2gadabout

      Jim and I have been watching the saga of the Roosevelts on video. Man, talk about people out of work. I’m so disgusted at Union Busting, and pensions, social security, planned parenthood and other protective and social legislation under attack. But, soon my rants will end. Jim has made the point that this is a travel blog, so I’m now directing people to “

      • I’m on my way there to join you! It just makes my blood boil to watch what is going on. And it isn’t just republicans! The Roosevelts, for all their faults, did some amazing things. We were transfixed by that series when it was on PBS. GRRRRRRRRRR! ;-> The smile is for you!

      • 2gadabout

        Thanks, Judi.


      • 2gadabout

        Thanks for being a follower. We will be making the transition on the 26th, the day we met eight years ago. Wow. Seems impossible.

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