DSC07594 (Copy) (Copy)This is a picture of a woman whose name I don’t know taking her stuff to the mud on a beach in Washington during a Red Tide. But for her, she chose to seize the day, take off work and play.

Today, I get to savor my birthday party, read over my cards, read the scrapbook my oldest daughter prepared for me and savor the past.

Like many people, I cram so many things into my life, I live on a diet of promises of what I’ll do later. I’ll finish my book, I’ll scan all my old pictures, I’ll make that scrapbook. Worse, for me, is I buy things, fabric on sale for that quilt to come, more wool for rugs I may never have the chance to make.  We all do these things to some extent. But, after my husband died, I put everything aside and had four and a half happy years with my companion, John. Some of the happiest times of my life, with someone I knew he would have approved of because they were great friends.

019=buffaloAnd, then I met Jim, and we spent 6 years plus on the road. It will be 8 years ago we met next Monday. We saw this buffalo, a work of art, in the State Capital Bldg. of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is one of my favorite pictures and I like to look at it often.

What I’m getting at is I could have stayed home and said, no I can’t leave my house, my family, my obligations, but I didn’t. And, at age 75 I’m here to say I’m glad I seized the day and went ramblin’ and saw things I never thought I’d see; so much of this country, people everywhere with interesting life tales and talents. What a grand and memorable journey it has been.

And, now, my life has slowed. I’m planning to do some of those things I put off. I’m downsizing and realizing I don’t want nor need the burden of caring for the “things” I thought were so important. My cousin Marge Rowe bought me a sign that still hangs in my kitchen that says, THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE AREN’T THINGS.

DSC05473 (Copy) (Copy)Life is so much shorter now, and I don’t want to make promises to myself I can’t keep. I will get the family genealogy registered, and finish some of those tasks I’ve skipped. Then I can freely go back to having fun and take up sky diving or ride through town on a bicycle carrying a bottle of wine to share, if I want to. Or drop everything and go to a play with a friend who has an extra ticket.

One thing you won’t find me doing, is sitting in front of a television set if there is something better to do.

Life. Hang on tight but enjoy the ride.


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