DSC06851 (Copy)I like the Quaker Oats company, I like the purity of rolled oats, the texture and health benefits. I did some grocery shopping yesterday and stopped into my favorite dollar store where they often have items I regularly use that cost $3 for $1.

I picked up the item above. I’d left my glasses in the car and decided to get to the check out stand and bolt to the car for my glasses so I could read the ingredients. I normally don’t buy anything that has more than 3 or 4 ingredients because I don’t like eating chemicals.

Distractedly talking to the clerk, I bought it without going for my glasses. When I got home, I read the label. This product has 74 ingredients.

It has sugar, honey, caramel, invert sugar, corn syrup, sweetened dried pieces of cranberries, elderberry juice concentrate and each item like brown rice crisps, whole grain brown rice, malted barley flour, all heavily processed,  on and on, each subset of ingredients has sugar over and over again. So, 74 ingredients actually repeats sugar over and over again. Thankfully, the box does not state the product is healthy or good for you. The saturated fat alone is enough to turn me off. I didn’t follow my own rule of reading the label before I buy, so this $1 piece of crap goes directly into the garbage can where it belongs.

But, that isn’t what made me angry. I’m angered by the poor customer service I received while trying to return two Linksystem Routers.  I ordered one and received two.  I know this happens to everyone once in awhile and Jim and I always agreed that some blunders and shoddy service do not merit a rant, but  sometimes, it reaches the boiling point in frustration.

I needed the router in Oregon. I ordered from Linksystems, by phone, which is a Canadian firm (Linksystems-Panasonic.) Instead of being shipped to Oregon, two identical boxes were waiting for me when I returned to California. By then, I had decided to go with a jet pack of some type and forget the router.

When I check my credit card, over the phone, they didn’t have a purchase from Linksystems. We eventually figure out it came from BELKIN. It seems BELKIN purchased the company in Canada and mistakenly shipped me, and charged me for two of the same product.

I spoke with the first customer service rep, Willy, who explained he would send me a prepaid label to return them since they were unopened. Of course, it didn’t arrive. Then came Rachel, Rod, Morgan and Mike.  The supervisor of these incompetents, would not talk to me. Five different phone calls, a conservative estimate, at  three hours waiting on-line, and yesterday, I finally got one label to return two boxes.

I took the boxes to UPS  where I got someone who isn’t afraid to make a decision. He just taped the boxes together and sent them with the one label.  I was very angry and decided I lose if I allow myself to get so angry and frustrated.

So make my loss your win and don’t do business with BELKIN. I will never do business with that company and don’t buy their stock either. You’ll lose money.

Jim also corrected my blog from yesterday. It hasn’t been over a year since we’ve seen each other. I guess it just seemed that way.






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2 thoughts on “ANGER ISN’T GOOD FOR YOU (OR ME).

  1. kenny213

    Thank you for your Linksys rant. I have not had to deal with Linksys … yet. Even though your blog is mostly positive stuff, I think you should feel justified in ranting when it reaches a certain point. I am a person who tends to rant publicly and praise publicly whenever something remarkable happens. Lately I rant a lot about customer service. With some customer service people, I will distill down my concerns into the most basic of basic terms, and they still deal with me as if I am from some alien planet. Your Linksys story is sadly typical of any organization in 2015 larger than a lemonade stand. With automation has come an abandonment of personal responsibility. Managers now fear giving any employee responsibility because every last detail of every last interaction is being documented.

    • 2gadabout

      Thank you for the positive feedback. You are so correct, everyone is afraid to make a decision. Bottom dollar seems to be all that counts.

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