Shopping for everything that  goes into a new house is  pretty daunting. Two days, Jim and I have been at it and we return home tired and hit the sack early after unloading  a car full of boxes.

We go to Spicer’s for lunch, near Lowes. Lowes is our choice because they give a military discount. What a friendly, nice store in which to do business.

But, now that we’ve purchased all of the lighting fixtures except one,  sinks and toilets for kitchen and bath, medicine cabinets, grab bars, towel bars, robe hooks, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, and myriad other accoutrements, we have to consider inside doors, curtain rods, carpet and padding, closet doors, shelving,  blinds, composite decking, a solar alarm system. The cabinets and hardwood flooring will be delivered tomorrow. Counter tops in a few days. There is brackets and closet poles and door hinges and stains, and the list goes on and on. For me it is fun in a way, but still daunting details.

My house in Murphys takes a great deal of maintenance. This one is built to reduce maintenance.

Even so, it isn’t easy. Jim likes the simplicity of being a rambler. But this little poem probably fits my life style:

The Example

Here’s an example from
A Butterfly;
That on a rough, hard rock
Happy can lie;
Friendless and all alone
On this unsweetened stone.

Now let my bed be hard
No care take I;
I’ll make my joy like this
Small Butterfly;
Whose happy heart has power
To make a stone a flower.

By William Henry Davies

This poem is in the public domain.


And here, the entertainment is built-in. Last night while we ate dinner, we had a visitor. The lettuce Jim threw to the deer is gone.

DSC06577 (Copy)

I’d thrown out an apple core, simply because I compost. but this little skunk thought it made a great desert. We don’t know what creature ate the rest of the lettuce.

DSC06580 (Copy)

Cute to watch. We couldn’t smell it.  Our windows were closed and we watched it duck through a small opening in the fence and be gone.

Normally when I visit here, we see wild turkeys. We’ve seen plenty of geese and I hear them land on my little creek as they come flying down and advertise their presence.

Doug arrives today, Jim and I out early for another round of shopping. It does seem strange to be buying a “house” from a shopping mall store.

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  1. Hello Jim,

    I sometimes read your articles and you sounds be on the road, again and again. What is your trip actually? Are you travelling on the road everyday? Thansk for your articles and be so enthousiasmic.

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Hi Anthony,
      I live and travel full-time in the motorhome. I retired in 1995 and have been full-time since then…so I’m in my 20th year of full-time RV living. Mary travels with me part-time when she can break away from her busy life. My primary goals in my traveling are try to travel on roads I’ve not traveled before, stay in 65-75 degree weather year-round and take maximum advantage of my Thousand Trails RV Resorts membership. I’m an avid historian and photographer. I hope that answers your questions.

      • thanks for replying, i feel your expérience so original! What are you discovering…you are from USA aren’t you?

      • ramblinmanjimj

        USA, yes. Beautiful and interesting country.

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