Keystone XL pipeline was bad enough. Big oil downplays disasters as though leaking pipes, and lack of safety inspections are rare isolated incidents.  Big oil does not want you to remember  the huge  leak that closed a whole community in Arkansas in 2013, nor train that derailed and exploded in West Virginia in 2015, nor the mountain of toxic Coke waste piling up in East Chicago at the terminal off the great lakes, 6000 tons of it every day. They don’t want you to think about super-tankers carrying up to two million barrels of oil over sensitive ocean. Canada stands to benefit big time while we carry the risk. Don’t let it happen.

DSC06495 (Copy)

All that crude coming from the Alberta Tar Sands is so profitable that Big Oil wants to triple production and send as much as 6 Million barrels a day on these newly planned routes into the us, by pipeline, and tankers all around the east coast, Florida,The Gulf and California Coast. It seems to me investing in clean energy makes so much better sense. You can double click on the picture to get a better read on the proposed routes. Oil on trains, river barges, and lake barges, and ocean tankers does not spell safety to me. The Natural Resources Defense Council has made this public. It puts San Franciso Bay, Puget Sound, the Great Lakes, the Hudson river, and more at risk.

It means mile long trains of tank cars traveling through highly populated areas like Los Angeles, Seattle and Albany New York.

Tankers imperiling fragile sea life in the New England, the Great Lakes and the gulf of Mexico where those refineries are located and recovery from a spill is still not paid for, nor the gulf repaired to it’s “pre-leak” condition.

If you believe in government for the people and not corporations, whenever you see someone in your neck of the woods proposing pipeline legislation for tar sands. Make your voice heard. From me Governor Brown will hear, NO, NO and NO. Also my representative. Luckily we can make our voices heard, but even that freedom is under attack.


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  1. Paul Wulterkens

    According to F.A. Hayek, the skeptical tradition of individualism recognizes the limit of the individual human mind. There are key institutions that are the result of human action, but the result of human design. As examples we have language, money, and markets. These evolved, they were not designed by individuals a priori. For Hayek, allowing these spontaneous institutions to flourish is the essence of a free society.
    Similarly, the railroads evolved. Historically they were given a free reign and evolved into a very efficient transportation system. Along came the need to transport Bakken crude. To meet that need, the trains got longer and noisier. Long neglected maintenace left rails and bridges unable to cope. Derailment frequency spiked. That there was not more loss of life, such as at Lac Meganique in qQuebec, was blind luck.
    So now the railroads need a tighter reign. Don’t expect them to cut their own profits in the interest of public health and safety.
    Sign the petition at

    • 2gadabout

      Will sign. is a trustworthy advocate for social and other concerns. Thanks for stopping by.

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