The rains have been welcoming if disconcerting with multiple lightning strikes, gloom, and water cascading down my driveway. The news is, despite this pleasant drink of water, the drought will continue. oroville

The reservoirs are no longer holding enough water. I have a well and expect to get it up and running to bastion my property against the drought. It hasn’t been operated in over ten years. The aquifer may be empty and not suitable.  Time will tell.

New tires will be rolling me to Oregon at the end of this week for some needed input into the house building job. The tires will be installed this morning.

FLASH- The Mystery Santa was neighbor Peggy Morris. I called once with no answer but finally spoke to her last night. What a delightful thing to receive this lovely Christmas letter in my EMAIL box. Too fun!

DSC06273 (Copy)

Peggy denied being the mystery Santa of the second letter. Hmm!  I’m narrowing down the suspects.







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  1. BB

    What kind of “input” are you putting into the house building job?

    • 2gadabout

      This week I ordered a dumpster, got bids on a mini-split heat pump, Worked with custom cabinets (on paper) have a meeting tomorrow at 10:00 to go over the plans with an expert. Doug and I went and picked my paint. He has two coats of primer and worked the first day today on color. He has groomed the front part of building, I worked picking up rocks and made a barrier around a tree withe them. He will trench with some of those same rocks and get the water to run back toward the river. Much of it is phone calls and connections. Doug has no phone service on the job. So, I’m in a hotel getting connections made. Have to do final changes on the electric, etc. The list seems endless because everything has to work together,and timing is another key issue. He lost water in the Fifth wheel, some weeks back. A guy who works on them has a sick wife and can’t get his water pipe changed. So, he is without running water right now. Aagh. And so it goes.


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