In yesterday’s blog, I addressed problems we’ve had with our building project. I was euphoric that I found a guy who agreed to come out and put up that roof with one day’s notice.

A terrific guy. He went out on Friday and looked at the job, talked to Doug and told me he was impressed with Doug and his work and he agreed to do it.

Then, after the double felting was in place, they began on the ridge shingles. Whoops! It seems the company didn’t deliver ridge shingles. So, Doug laboriously cut shingles by hand to fit until the long ridges on both sides were done. Then the roofer went to work on the fast part of the job, just nailing them up row by row.

“Hey Doug, how come half these shingles are brown and half are gray?”

Not only did the company not deliver ridges, they sent half the shingles the wrong color. Shingles are heavy and are loaded by crane directly on the roof. Unfortunately, Doug had to hand carry them down the ladder, haul back to the company, get the proper color and then hand carry them up the ladder as fast as he could to keep the roofer nailing. I do not exaggerate when I say not one time has an order, or job segment gone correctly, without a snafu. We decided we are jinxed.

For instance, during the foundation, the guy who was helping Doug finish the cement, got tired and walked off the job. Our roofer stayed and soldiered on. They were still putting up shingles in the dark. I am every grateful to a stand-up guy. Doug told me it will be a looooong time before he can look back at this job and laugh.

I enjoyed my four years there with my companion at the time, and it was never the same after he died,  which is why I started renting it. I like rural living and I love my year around stream. So, I’m hoping for better times ahead on Evans Creek.

Today, I’m preparing paperwork for my eye surgery on December 30th. Doesn’t look like I’ll be celebrating the New Year with anything but the television set this year.

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6 thoughts on “JINXED?

  1. Are you having the same surgery as Jim had? It was quite enlightening (no pun intended!) to read his recountings of the procedures.

    • 2gadabout

      No, I’m having lasix surgery. They treat it much the same as cataracts, like a major surgery with eye drops and involved preparation and then one pre-appointment and four after appointments. So far the things they tell you that can go wrong are enough to make me hesitate and go for full time glasses with bifocals.

  2. YIKES! I have worn glasses since I was twelve – almost fifty years. When the lasik surgery first came out, I was tempted, but, like you are reading, the caveats were just too scary. It may be less problematic for the young with their suppleness and ability for bouncing back.

    I am very, very nearsighted – legally blind without glasses – and have been wearing bifocals for at least fifteen years. No cataracts yet for me. Not sure why. I’m certainly old enough!

    • 2gadabout

      When my husband died, it was 2 a.m. And, here I was, panicked, fishing for my glasses, and couldn’t see to dial 911 without them. I had the same problem when my son had a seizure, so I don’t want to go back to glasses that gave my mid range vision nothing but blur, which is what bifocals did. I had lasix right after he died. The affect is nearly gone, but they did not warn me about probable problems, or use eye drops, or treat it like major surgery like this Dr. is doing. I’m going to him, because he is very careful. And, there is a chance, because of my age and the range of focus I have left, they may not do it. Time will tell.

  3. Thanks for the additional information. I’d definitely be interested in hearing about the outcome. I can see well up close without my glasses, but distance . . . OY!

    Mid-range is a problem for me, too, but I have one pair of glasses that alleviates that problem, but I can’t read with them. No matter, it is no problem to read without my glasses, so I’ve settled on wearing that pair, and then just whisking them off if I need to read some quickly.

    • 2gadabout

      Your vision is the opposite of mine. And, now I’ve canceled my surgery until my next trip home. I needed someone to drive me and over the holidays, I couldn’t get anyone. The Clinic my eye doctor recommended is over two hours away. Plus I have to make another trip to Oregon for the new house, soon, date not quite solid, and it just became too much to deal with. My surgery isn’t like Jim’s, it is optional. So, I’ve put it off. I did get all my questions adequately answered and I no longer fear the possible consequences of something going wrong. It is very rare and most are fixable. So, back to normal, which is still a busy catch-up time for me. I neglected so many things after our accident, now I am catching up.

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