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In my travels, I’ve seen some interesting signs for restrooms. People think I’m a bit daffy when I take pictures of restroom signs, but, they are so funny. How can I resist? This is a small part of my collection. None have been edited. I have chores galore these days, so not much happening at home. I hope you find them amusing, too.

ATT00405 (Copy)

Pretty graphic, but understandable in every language.

ATT00407 (Copy)


ATT00403 (Copy)


ATT00411 (Copy)

I dragged this one off the internet, proving that I’m not the only one who chuckles at His and Hers.

ATT00413 (Copy)


ATT00415 (Copy)


ATT00409 (Copy)

So discreet.

ATT00417 (Copy)

Well, they got Red Riding Hood and the Wolf right. He is following her. More tomorrow.


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8 thoughts on “RESTROOMS THIS WAY—–

  1. Patricia Seiferth Short

    Those are fantastic. Never would have thought to take pictures of bathroom signs….Only you would. Hahaha

  2. Reblogged this on frenchfriesandcheese and commented:
    this is pretty cute šŸ™‚

    ad the first one is evidently Singapore

    • 2gadabout

      Thanks for reblogging and visiting my blog. I loved your smelly fish head and your big ass crab. LOL And the ancient horseshoe crab. They are very valuable to science, did you know? They have tremendous healing properties with their prehistoric blue blood. But, now they are over fished and becoming rare.

      • Haha are they overfished? Yup i know they have med values. 30 percent of their blood every year. But they are released after drawing their blood and not killed. I honk stingrays are more over fished. šŸ™‚

        And yup. I love your toilet signs haha. I suspect one of my country? Singapore.

      • 2gadabout

        Good. They are still becoming endangered, even though it doesn’t kill them. That is in the States, however. Don’t know about stingrays. And Yes, one from Singapore. I sent your blog to my grandson, hoping it will inspire him to start a blog of his own. You are very fun. Enjoy your humor.

      • Haha your grandson is the one you blogged about previously? Eric? Handsome young man šŸ™‚ thanks for the compliments about my blog šŸ™‚ i hope to travel more soon haha. Sometimes i don’t really know what to write about.

      • 2gadabout

        Eric is my partner/boyfriend’s grandson. I’ve got six, of all ages. Ha, ha. I learned a long time ago, it is my blog, I can blog about anything I want. Even if it is I washed my hair this morning. Whatever makes you happy.

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