DSC04870 (Copy)

The morning before cousin Bob arrived, Melissa invited me to go canoeing on nearby Lake Kokanee.

DSC04871 (Copy)

It isn’t a very big lake, just right sized, with smooth as glass waters.

DSC04872 (Copy)

She steered and we both paddled. I brought my small back-up camera and didn’t realize the lens was spotted.

DSC04873 (Copy)

I learned to paddle and she likes canoeing better than kayaking. She finds the stroke relaxing and easy to enjoy.

DSC04883 (Copy)

We were surrounded with beauty. The lake has picturesque little inlets.

DSC04891 (Copy)

The weather was beautiful, perfect for photos.

DSC04900 (Copy)

Kind of like an abstract painting.

DSC04908 (Copy)

We saw two boats in this quiet floating painting. Perfect. The lake does not allow motors.

DSC09019 (Copy)

Then yesterday, David and Melissa took us for a scenic drive, through Shelton, Potlach, and on to Hoodsport and above to view the High Steel Bridge.  I think we traveled, north, south, east and west. My sense of geography and direction are not to be depended upon. We stopped here,  hoping to get a glimpse of Mt. Rainer.  Can you see it?  Neither could we. It was totally under cloud cover, but what a lovely little valley.

DSC09022 (Copy)

I caught a glimpse of a little spot of fall.

DSC09053 (Copy)

We probably spent an hour on the bridge, trying for the perfect photo of this deep canyon, with a thin stream of falls to one side.

DSC09040 (Copy)

The Skykomish River forged this deep canyon eons ago.

DSC09074 (Copy)

A triple fall replenishes this portion of the canyon. On everyone’s lips, “We should come see this canyon during winter.”  Of course, the falls would be  spectacular.

DSC09052 (Copy)

We kept taking picture after picture.

DSC09062 (Copy)

But who can question mother nature’s plan.

DSC09081 (Copy)

We returned to the site and enjoyed our last meal together and said our goodbyes, with promises to meet again soon, now that we’ve gotten to know each other. And, I’m sure we will. I’m so grateful we were able to re-connect with cousins, meet Melissa and their little dog, Toby, and enjoy new adventures.



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