DSC07784 (Copy)

The Peace Arch is a meaning filled place, the gardens expansive and of great beauty. Both the Canadian and U.S. side have a flag in flowers. The maple leaf flag is very showy.

DSC07772 (Copy)

The gardens are spectacular and expansive.  Our little cameras, without the height to get the beauty and drama cannot do them justice.

DSC07777 (Copy)

Jim is hiding on the bridge. You have to enlarge the photo to see him.


DSC07776 (Copy)


DSC07774 (Copy)

Giant rhubarb, a plant new to me. So tropical looking and not edible. One stalk could make ten pies.

DSC07752 (Copy)

You have to be good to get a piece of your sculpture in the garden. Entrants came from all over the world, and locally,too, of course.  Oakland California, Washington, Hong Kong to name a few.

DSC07763 (Copy)


DSC07754 (Copy)


reminded me of M.C. Escher

Looking like origami birds, the artist put them together in a similar way as an M.C. Escher drawing.

DSC07764 (Copy)

It was hard to pick a favorite, but this overhead arch entrance to a garden was high on my list.

DSC07760 (Copy)

I really loved this form, but you couldn’t take a picture without getting reflections. Jim enjoyed trying to get certain reflections from it.

DSC07749 (Copy)

I love benches and this one, though partly made from plants, fascinates me. It is a permanent part of the garden and was here when we visited in 2009,

DSC07746 (Copy)

Washington has rainforest type moisture and grows what I might consider indoor plants- outside. None of these can take a hard freeze.

DSC07800 (Copy)

I haven’t seen a fuchsia in thirty years.  In my neck of the woods you won’t even see them in the nurseries.  The parks complex covers about 40 acres. It was really fun for me to spend a couple of hours enjoying a grand garden.

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