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After having lunch at VIA, I wanted to get to the beach before the low tides cycle away and go clamming. Jim reminded me I must have a license to clam. So, I decided I’d  watch the clammers, bring a big spoon and see how it’s done, take some pictures, find out where to get a license.

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Of course, the kids are having fun. Not everyone is looking for clams.

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I asked this budding scientist if he was finding any clams?  “Oh, no,” he said. Its red tide. The shellfish are poisonous.”  Then he proceeded to  explain that starfish wasting disease and die off was creating problems for clams, but then suddenly the clam population came back and the starfish are gone.

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These grandparents bring their grandsons to the beach every summer. The boys wanted me to take a picture of the sand castle they are building. They wait for the tide to come in and make holes around it, wall it off with shell reinforcement to see how long they can fend off the tide before it takes it away.

DSC07572 (Copy)

So, what I thought was avid clammers turned out to be just everyone having fun at the beach. I think it confused me because the beach is gray, a mixture of sand and mud. It doesn’t cling like sand and is quite stable to walk on. It looks less inviting than it is.

DSC07582 (Copy)

I saw kayakers from a distance but it was a long reach, I couldn’t get to them before they beached and then began to drag their boats the long distance back to shore.

DSC07588 (Copy)

There was plenty of evidence of clams about.

DSC07593 (Copy)

This beautiful kelp floats in pools of seawater that pools in low spots. Not slimy, or sticky, walking through it was a pleasant experience.

DSC07584 (Copy)

I finally reached the water, where people were cavorting with their dogs or swimming.

DSC07594 (Copy)

On my return, I met “grandma”. She went to get the boys boogie boards. They ride the tide all the way back to shore after their sand castle disappears.

DSC07596 (Copy)

Jim didn’t want to get into what really appears to be sticky mud. It is a unique beach. We had a bit of grocery shopping to do. A clerk told me clamming season begins on August 15th, if  fish and game approves. We leave the 12th.  The store sells clamming licenses. Maybe some day, I’ll get my chance to go clamming.



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