My friend Jan and I went to see wild flowers when we veered to Jackson. Here they are in an album along with those from Tuolumne County. Hope you enjoy them. This will probably be my last blog until I return from Turkey. Much to do. Can’t wait to share my photos from Istanbul and the countryside.  Hope we have good weather.

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  1. Have a great time in Turkey, Mary. Google wants me to sign in to see your gallery but I am not registered with them. Bother.

    • 2gadabout

      It is supposed to work by just clicking on the picture in the blog and it auto loads, no registration needed. I’ll get Jim to check in as administrator and see if he can figure out if that is happening to others, as well? Puzzling. Thanks for letting me know. Mary

  2. Got it working by going into Jim and Mary blog rather than clicking through the Reader part of WordPress. They are spectacular shots!! What state are they taken in? I love the shot with your leg in the mirror! Have a great time in Turkey with your grandson, Mary. It’s great to spend time with grandchildren – they grow up so quickly. Our oldest is 12 already!

    • 2gadabout

      Good information. The wild flowers all grow within 36 miles of my house in California. Yes, the very reason for taking them on a trip and spending special time with them before they know it all and get girlfriends or boyfriends and are gone. I have six grandsons. It is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.

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