Gregory Gallardo

At Kautz, they offer an art show during daffodil days.  I liked this portrait, the appealing pose, the hand. Lovely.  I took each artist’s name in Picasa, but they don’t show when I load into my blog.

C. McClennahan

This painting received a red ribbon and it really does look like the terrain in the foothills leading up to Murphys at 2100 foot elevation.

DSC03938 (Copy)

I owned chickens all my married life until I moved to this particular house 15 years ago. I adore chickens, allowed to run free. I never caged them. Now, the coyotes and foxes would make quick work of them. Their territory is shrinking, and food is getting scarce.

Melinda Shook

This tulip is very real looking. People like to enter tulips and daffodils because Kautz buys paintings of the flowers to hang during the show.  (Melinda Shook)

W. Vaughn Lee

This is a scene one could see at Kautz. We’ve seen deer and wild turkeys inside the deer fencing at Kautz. How appropriate that this turkey posed next to daffodils.  (Or maybe it didn’t pose.) (By Vaughn Lee.)

Judith Morgan


DSC03943 (Copy)

A bold red poppy.

Barbara Conley

Another credible local scene. (Boylen)

Martha Wallace.

My two favorites of the show were both by Martha Wallace. Her work always catches my eye.

Martha Wallace

I owned a MW painting once and gave it to a friend who wanted it. I was always sorry I parted with that painting.  I think it is time to buy another except I have no place to hang anything.

Mardell Schuster

And I really liked this trio of tulips, though the glass made a glare on the photo. It is perfect. I would never have the patience to paint a lace doily. (Mardell.)

By Pehlers

If you have a chance, check it out. It is a small show, and won’t disappoint. (Pat Ehlers.)






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