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When my doctor was one hour behind in her appointment schedule, I decided to cancel my appointment and just amble back to Murphys. A guy by the name of Stewart Laidlaw started planting daffodils on his place in the 1980’s on the Murphys Grade Rd. It fills three frames to capture them from left to right traveling west.

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I wish I had a picture of his first start, just a straggle of daffodils in one long row right in front of the house and then the barn and then lower next to the road.

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I drive by here and remember a rather famous local place called Daffodil  Hill. It has over 100 different varieties of daffodils and millions of blooms over several acres. I haven’t visited it in years. Laidlaw’s reminds me it is time to go. I noticed that neighbors near Laidlaw are beginning plantings of their own across from him. Such a neat way of sharing with anyone passing by. Annie Voitich of Murphys also had a yard filled with daffodils, so thick she used to say. “I never have to cut the grass.” There was no grass left to cut.

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It is busy during tax time, but I enjoy visiting with my friend Paul who is a widower only a year now and making hard adjustments. Some days it is just best to let all the necessities go and seize the day. Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful weather, the flowers and a friend.

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