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I gotta fly out of Ontario, CA. airport this morning, back to my permanent abode and take up my other life. I’ve been looking for a new ride of some sort. This one didn’t look like it was going much of anywhere.

DSC04617 (Copy)

I kinda liked this one, it has personality, a definite nose and a couple of eyes. And, red is a good color. But if someone asked me what kind of car is that?  I wouldn’t know what to tell them. Anybody know?

IMG_1154 (Copy)

Ah,  this one looked perfect to drag home and use as my artsy car. But, Jim said , “That ain’t gonna happen.”  What a drag.

DSC04607 (Copy)

Then I found the perfect set of wheels, a nice roomy van and a perfect color. I love it. Whoo, whoo!. I’d wear my little pink hat and flashy black sweater with sparkles. This is it!  But it wasn’t for sale. Dang!

DSC08937 (Copy)

We are parked in Fontana at an American Legion, and this beauty was in a junk yard next to us. Jim kind of drooled over this one. Neat running board. He owned one just like this in 1951. And, it has wheels that look like they move. An Aha! moment. We found it.

DSC08938 (Copy)

But, the junkyard dog wouldn’t let us near the fence. We couldn’t even find out if it was for sale.  You might think I’m kidding about this little guy. He scratched and strutted and scooched up dirt and barked a lot. He was definitely protecting his territory. And, I wasn’t about to challenge a junk yard dog. Hope the Bronco makes it to the airport on time.

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4 thoughts on “LOOKIN’ FOR MY NEW RIDE.

  1. Kinda like the first one – seemed to have good tires – LOL

  2. GREAT! ahahah ! good luck to be on time!

    • 2gadabout

      Oooooo, doesn’t sound good. Is it the airline or the airport that has the reputation? I flew Southwest and they are pretty good.

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