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Yuma was the first place I stayed with Jim when my kids thought I’d taken up with an ax murderer. Well, not really, but they were very protective and worried about me taking up with a man they didn’t know. Thus the blog for me I started in December of 2008. I have happy memories of the green, green fields of Yuma, biking along the canals, and beautiful Bougainvillea growing like wild in this city. Right after lunch, we went in search and on the way found an Elks Club. We were astonished that they have 1600 members. Many of them are snowbirds. We stopped for a beer but the minute someone lit up a cigarette we hastily left.

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This is the Bougainvillea from January, 2009. I’m shocked at what  poor pictures I got from my little camera. When we drove by, the bush had been chopped to practically nothing with no blooms on it.

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And, green fields in Yuma are visible everywhere it seems. The big lettuces, cabbages, spinach and kale we didn’t find, except for this already harvested iceberg lettuce.


And, of course, this is what I was expecting to see, also from January 2009.

DSC02681 (Copy)

There is still a lot of green.

DSC02682 (Copy)

What appears to be a small lettuce of some type.

DSC02685 (Copy)

I believe this is alfalfa. No denying the green, but the fields of memory we could not find. Ah, what the wise men say is true. You can’t go home again.

DSC02691 (Copy)

We are parked at the Quechen Indian Casino and each day look up at the Mission Church associated with the Yuma Territorial prison.

DSC02692 (Copy)

Last night, so typical of this part of the country, the scene turned to caramel.

DSC02695 (Copy)

Then it darkened.

DSC02705 (Copy)

And reddened, good night. Probably boring pictures but like a tv screen, the sunsets just attract your eye and we are so happy we get to enjoy them.





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8 thoughts on “MEMORIES OF YUMA

  1. Beautiful pix and narrative, Mary.

    • 2gadabout

      Thanks. It takes an event like this to go back and look at old pics. When are you going to hit the road fill time?

      • Gotta’ get our almost 17 y/o out of the house. That’ll take till at least she graduates from high school next year.

      • 2gadabout

        When you do, make sure we cross paths. But, omigosh, a seventeen year old daughter is very special and will not be ready for you to take up full timing. Enjoy every minute.

      • She is special but also she has been a struggle. Most difficult child I’ve had any part of raising.

      • 2gadabout

        Sometimes, kids can really put us to the task. Hopefully makes us smarter.

  2. We have got to get this on our must see as soon as we can

    • 2gadabout

      I found the frogs glowing eyes before you pointed them out. But, only because I enlarged the picture and it’s eyes were glowing.

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